2019 Smoant S8 Pod Review

In the container, we have now the S8 pod system placed in a Styrofoam holder, and next to it, a reduced box that contains a really short mini-USB cable television for charging you as well as plastic material, refillable needle container, for refilling the pods. We also have a variety of coaching and caution credit cards within the container, which I suggest you read through before using the S8 for the first time.

Design and Build Top quality

The USB stay-like design of the JUUL seems to be really preferred among suppliers, but Smoant decided to go with anything new and fresh, a thing that would help their product stand out from the massive competitors. Some people evaluate its shape to that relating to a clamshell, while others say it looks more like a clever face powder kit. Smoant claims its shape was influenced by iconic sport vehicles like Ferrari LaFerrari or perhaps the Lamborghini Reventon and describes it as being “the supercar of the vape world”.

I say it’s a slim oval with slightly elongated ends if that makes any feeling. That doesn’t seem very amazing, but the simple and sleek design of the Smoant S8 is really very classy. I’m not exactly an expert in terms of pod method style, but in my minimal encounter, the S8 is certainly among the best looking – or even the very best seeking – pod vaporizers available on the market.

The S8 pod product is 86.6mm long, 48mm broad at its widest stage, and merely 12mm thicker, making it among the thinnest vaping gadgets available right now, alongside with one of its greatest competitors, the Suorin Airflow. Nevertheless, the Smoant pod program has a little more weight with it, that gives it a quality really feel in the hands.

The S8 currently only will come in shiny black color, and Smoant hasn’t announced whether other color versions and color styles will be accessible in the future. It’s a fingerprint magnet, but the shiny complete suits the clever, elegant look from the device.

Like the majority of other pod methods, the Smoant S8 doesn’t attribute any actual physical switches, relying instead on a draw-undefined activated change to activate the battery. Rather than having to press a control button, all you need to do is draw in the mouthpiece as well as the built-in electric battery will start to heat up the coil in the replaceable pod.

The absence of actual buttons gives the S8 its clean and sleek appearance. The only real notable components would be the glowing Smoant logo right in the middle of the product, the “Designed by Smoant” in the back again, as well as the inconspicuous mini-USB port on the side of the vaporizer.

Once you remove the plastic-type pod the very first time, you notice that the “inner workings” from the S8 are not much different compared to those of Surorin Atmosphere or other very similar vaping techniques. You might have two circular magnets that keep the pod from falling off, two metal connectors, along with a tiny slot at the center, which conceals the pull-undefined stimulated indicator. You will additionally discover two flashing lights each time you are taking from the pod. This serves many uses, which we’ll go through afterward.

The plastic material pods can also be much like those of the Suorin Atmosphere. The mouthpiece, the juice reservoir, as well as the coil and natural cotton wicking,  are commonly built into the same system, which connects towards the S8 vaporizer via magnets. The air pit in the mouthpiece is very restricted, as is the orifice on the back of the pod – whereby airflow arrives through – so you should assume a good, cigarette-like pull. There’s no chance to adjust this, so if you’re trying to find something airier, perhaps consider an additional pod program.

On the back of the pods, we have the identical magnets and magnetic connectors as in the S8 battery power, only instead of those LED lights around the sides, we have a rubberized cover that can be lifted to show the loading slot. The pods must be loaded before they can be used, so be sure you will also get some e-fluid if this sounds like the first vaping device. To fill up the pod, just draw rear the rubber cap, put the needle of the fruit juice bottle into the reservoir while being sure that you leave some space for that airflow inside to flee. As soon as it’s total, burst the cover back in, connect the pod towards the electric battery, and wait around a couple of minutes before vaping, to ensure that the natural cotton wicking is nice and saturated.

Battery Life and Overall Performance

The Smoant S8 pod method comes with a built-in 370 mAh electric battery, which probably appears to be abysmal when you consider that a lot of individual battery power advanced mods have a minimum of 2,000 mAh life of the battery. But looking at pod techniques to mods just isn’t reasonable. They may be two completely different vaping devices geared towards different types of vapers. Pod systems are primarily made to match the requirements of fresh ex-smokers looking for a light-up-undefined free of charge substitute. They do not need a lot of battery power to do that.

For instance, the coils within the S8 pods have a resistance of 1.3 ohms, which along with the 3.3V – 3.4V output of the vaporizer, creates between 7W and 12W of power. Most sophisticated mods can produce over 200W, therefore they demand huge electric batteries, but pod systems do not. They produce very little strength, so 370 mAh can realistically last a user an entire day without needing to refresh.

To find out simply how much life of the battery you have left, all you have to do is monitor those LED lights I mentioned earlier. When life of the battery has ended 30undefined%, they will glow light blue each time you pull on the S8. When battery life drops under 30undefined%, the lights will transform red, signaling the requirement to recharge.

Although charging you, when battery life is under 70undefined%, the lighting will blink reddish, so when it surpasses 70undefined%, they will blink blue. When the electric battery is fully billed, the azure light-weight will remain on entirely.

Here’s the thing about these light-weight signals, although. Because the pods are made from a tinted plastic, and the LEDs are lighting up under the pod, it’s sort of hard to see the. It’s no problem, but they may have definitely think of a far better program.

The S8 pod program even offers some built-in safety features. In the event, the gadget detects a short-circuit, or if perhaps the pod doesn’t join for the battery power properly, the LED lights will flash reddish 5 occasions. I’ve been using the S8 for a calendar month now, and I’ve got no such problems, but it’s good to know it offers some security set up.

The S8 supports vaping whilst charging you, to help you theoretically utilize it as being a passthrough, but that mini-USB cable is so brief you won’t have the capacity to take the device for your oral cavity without unplugging from whatever powers resource you’re making use of.

With regards to vaping performance, the Smoant S8 is actually quite amazing for its dimensions. What really causes it to be distinctive inside my reserve is the fact it’s the first governed pod system I’ve ever tried. Many other very similar products attract power straight from the battery, so as the voltage of the battery gradually droplets, so does the energy productivity. That means you’re not receiving the identical vaping encounter all the time, however, the S8 differs.

Based on the provided end-user handbook, the Smoant S8 operates inside the 3.3.V – 3.4V array all the time, so no matter how a lot of battery lifespan you may have left, you’ll still take advantage of the exact same vaping experience each time you attract on it. That’s an enormous deal in my book, and i also wish other producers adhere to fit making use of their long term pod systems.

Smoant advises using the S8 pod program with 70VG/30VG e-fluid but cautions more and more than 40Percent PG articles might make the juice as well liquid and cause seeping. That hasn’t happened in my opinion, however. I utilized a few of that 50VG/50PG fruit juice from Vape Superstore, and the pod was as dried out being a bone. So definitely attempt to stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations, but know that PG-weighty e-liquids should work good also.

Vapor production is superb for this kind of vaping product. You won’t succeed any cloud-chasing after levels of competition using the S8, however, it puts out more vapor than most cigar likes and also other pod systems, such as the JUUL. The flavor is ok also I can’t say I’ve been blown away by how good some fruit juices flavor, but it’s above average and enough to keep individuals from going back to smoking.

The attract is tighter than I’m used to – I prefer direct lung vaping – but when you’re just approaching away from cigarettes, it should feel totally acquainted. Smoant did a great job emulating the cigarette smoking experience.

Yet another thing I like about the S8 pod system is how stealthy it is actually. Furthermore it comfortably easily fit in the tiniest of grownup fingers, but it barely can make any sound when you use it. You can barely hear the coil sizzling in the plastic-type pod, and it also makes no whistling sound when you attract.


The Smoant S8 is definitely among the far better pod techniques I’ve evaluated. I can look at it offering gadgets like the Atopack Penguin a work for their money, and also dethrone the Suorin Air as the master from the slick pod systems. I really like the style of it, the fact that it fires in a constant voltage range no matter battery life, and also the restricted attract is reminiscent of cigarette smoking, rendering it a fantastic option for fresh ex-cigarette smokers.

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