Vandy Vape AP Kit Preview – AP-py And I Know It…Sorry!

The AP Kit By Vandy Vape Previewed

The Vandy Vape AP Kit is a new internal battery kit for beginners and MTL vapers.

AP kit poster

The kit includes the AP mod and the AP MTL tank.ap kit components

The tank uses coil heads which you install and two are included in the kit – a 1.5ohm and a 1.8ohm. Both of these coils are also compatible with the Vandy Vape BSKR MTL Kit.ap mtl coils

As the name tells you this is an MTL tank – which is designed for Mouth to Lung vapers. This is a vaping style which is often natural to ex smokers – and devices for MTL use usually use lower power, higher resistance coils and have a more restricted and controllable airflow.ap mtl tank

To give the restricted airflow there are 6 airflow inlet holes of various sizes from 0.6 to 2.5mm and you turn the airflow control ring to select the required inlet size.

The battery part (the mod) has a 900mAh internal battery but as the tank coils only require 13W maximum this should last a while between charges.ap kit battery

One very appealing feature of this kit is that the mod is Waterproof (IP66) and it has shock and dust protection.ap kit waterproof

There are a set of lights on the front with various voltages marked next to them – I am not sure if these are to indicate the battery capacity remaining or are some kind of variable voltage output?ap mod LED

A close up image also shows + and – buttons on the front so hopefully this is variable. The maximum output is 20W.ap kit red

There are 5 colours available – Frosted Red, Frosted Cyan, Frosted Green, Frosted Amber and Frosted Black.AP kit colours

Kit Includes

  • Vandy Vape AP mod
  • Vandy Vape AP MTL Sub Tank
  • Accessory bag
  • 1.5ohm coil
  • 1.8ohm coil
  • USB Cable
  • User manual

Vandy Vape AP Mod Specs

  • Size: 76×27.9mm
  • Battery: 900mAh (internal)
  • Output: 20W max
  • Output modes: Voltage
  • Resistance range: 0.6-3ohm
  • Waterproof plus shock and dust protection
  • Lightweight

ap kit specs

Vandy Vape AP MTL Sub Tank Specs

  • Size: 22x38mm
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Coils: VV MTL Coil – 1.5ohm or 1.8ohm (BSKR MTL Coil)
  • 6 multi-directional air inlets for adjustment
  • Top fill

This is a cute little kit. I love the rugged-ness of it – being a clumsy arse that is a very appealing feature!

Now It’s Available :

Vandy Vape AP Kit 900mAh

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Review: Smoant S8 pod system

As its name clearly indicates, the S8 is a  pod , a vape with simplified use, which beyond its original form effortlessly produces a quality vape by indirect inhalation.

There is no simpler

The S8 is a real pod , that is to say an electronic cigarette that simplifies the life of the vaper, starting or not. On the aesthetic side, there are of course several finishes, from the most discreet to the most flashy.

It is composed of 2 parts: on the left the body which contains the battery and the necessary electronics, on the right a tank, which contains the atomizer and 2 ml of liquid.

Assembled, it gives this little thing in the form of pebble, it would also be remarkable to make a contest of ricochets. It is easy to store and does not weigh heavily: 70 g

His grip is nice. And to vape, it’s easy: just suck a puff on its tip, formed by the top of the tank. It goes off by itself, no need to press a button, everything is automatic. By the way, I had no leaks, the tanks seem reliable on this point.

It may seem odd to propose such a form to wear it: we are closer to the saxophone than the cigarette. Yet it works, it works very well on this pod, Smoant having studied its form, which allows spontaneous vape by indirect inhalation.

The vape MTL is of quality

The first time, as it is symmetrical, I regularly erred on the side to vaper. It is done quickly. Above all, the vape is very pleasant for those who practice indirect inhalation (that of the cigarette): we suck in the mouth, then inhale. The flavors are very well restored, at a surprising level for this kind of vaper. The production of steam is quite low, equivalent to the smoke of a cigarette, and that is enough, if only to quietly consume in society. It is therefore advisable to use liquids that are sufficiently dosed with nicotine, at least 12 mg or even 18 mg, especially if it has just been used. It is also possible to vape liquids dosed in nicotine salts, if one does not support the important hit of the high levels of classic nicotine.

The nicotine level is also important to manage the battery life. This is the weak point of the pods, their small size imposing small batteries. This will last half a day by vaping moderately. It can be recharged via its USB cable and a PC or phone charger, while continuing to vape. It takes between 30 and 40 minutes to fully charge.

Focus On For More Vape Kits.   

A good e-cigarette, under conditions

In short, it is a good vape tool for those seeking discretion and simplicity, but it must manage its weak autonomy. It’s not really a defect, it’s a characteristic of all small vapers, you can not put a big battery in such a small thing. 
Even if you only steam for short exposures, it will not take a day’s work, so you have to be able to recharge it, or more likely to have a second vaper. 
Note in passing that the vape during recharge is tighter. Why ? Because the air enters the pod via the USB socket: when you plug the cable, you reduce the flow.

For my part, I used it in particular moments: the morning (I like to vape in MTL in the morning, with strong nicotine levels, a habit probably inherited from my smoking period), or going shopping, even at the movies (but hush, it stays between us!). I tried a long day with him exclusively, I had to reload 6 times to consume a little more than 2 tanks. QED.

The S8 is presented in a sturdy cardboard box, with a usb cable for charging, and a fine-tipped vial and a brief user guide. A second tank would have been welcome.

Technical Review

The essential characteristics of the Smoant S8 Pod

Type of material beginner’s kit
Dimensions mod 86.6 mm out of 48 out of 12.8
Drums 370 mAh
Charge USB
Resistors 1.3 ohm
Weight of the kit 72 g
Tank capacity 2 ml

Small technical observations

Some pods only work with cartridges that are thrown when empty: it is even simpler, but binding since we can then use only the liquids offered by the manufacturer, and more expensive. Smoant has chosen another way: his tank can be filled with the liquid you want.

We distinguish the USB port, on the edge of the pod, on the left.

To fill the tank, simply pull on the small silicone cap, then slide the tip of a vial. The hole is wide enough to use the usual 10 ml vials, but not enough for pipettes and wide tips, hence the presence of the vial in the box. It will regularly change this reservoir (for just under 5 €), since this is the only way to change the resistance, whose life is not infinite. It is difficult to estimate this duration, it depends on both the frequency of vape is liquids that are used. Very sweet liquids, or tobacco flavors, for example, foul resistances faster than others. With liquids little clogging, I’m at the equivalent of 10 days of use, and the resistance does not show signs of exhaustion.

For those who like me want to know that they are the technical characteristics of their steam engine, here are the elements: the atomizer is integrated in the tank and can not be changed. It consists of a reel and a cotton wick, as on conventional atomizers. The resistance is probably in Kanthal , for a value of 1.3 ohm. The battery delivers a voltage of 3.3 to 3.4 V, its capacity is 370 mAh. The power of vape is therefore around 8 W, which is quite appropriate for the vape in direct inhalation.

In summary

 WE love

  • The simplicity
  • Pebble design
  • The quality of flavors
  • Reliable trigger

 We do not like

  • The low autonomy, specific to all pods


The Smoant S8 Pod provides a vape of quality, it is undeniable, and it does it with a reliability and simplicity of exemplary use. But it is difficult to recommend as the only equipment to start the vape: like all pods, its autonomy is too low to hold a day, unless you rarely vapot, or to have the opportunity to recharge every 2 hours.

Now It’s Available :

Smoant S8 Pod Starter Kit

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