After renovating every corner of your house, it is a better idea to redecorate your bathroom as per your beautiful house. Simply change the racks of toiletries, the light and toilet air refresher set and have a unique toilet paper holder. And there it is! A brand new toilet. Now unlike other things said earlier people are now experimenting with various designs of toilet paper holders. Now here some of the unique designs are mentioned.

  • Polaroid camera toilet paper holder: For those who love the retro, Polaroid camera toilet paper holder is a cute addition to their bathrooms. Not only has the holder, this unique toilet paper holder come with printed toilet papers. Lovely isn’;t it.
    Double toilet paper holder
  • A cute bear toilet paper holder: For those who need daily dosage of cuteness a cute bear who faithfully always holds up your toilet paper while covering his nose tightly is a unique toilet paper holder for kids’ bathroom. So it’;s best to have one in your kid’s bathroom.
  • Wooden robot toilet paper holder: Even you can design your own robot, who will hand over the toilet paper to you in need. Well, there is a trend of using a wooden one is in the market. People already love it. This unique toilet paper holder serves as best piece in your redecoration.
  • Tree toilet paper holder: This holder is larger in comparison with the earlier described pieces. This can hold all the paper reels at a time with the one currently in use. You can easily adjust one in the slickest corner of your toilet.
    Brass toilet paper holder

Here only a glimpse of the world of modern toilet paper holders is given. Each and every day people are coming up with new ideas of unique toilet paper holder. up to you, whether you want an unusual one or the same old design.

Starss Bravo Pod kit-new POD systems

Every month companies are introducing new POD systems to the market. Starss recently announced its Bravo Pod Starter Kit. In this article we will look at how it works and compare it with its competitor AVP from Aspire.

The Starss Bravo is an ultra portable dubly-bendind surface and the newest stylish shape designed pod device. It has a very large battery capacity of 1000mAh with built- in rechargeable Lithium ion battery, by which the Starss Bravo Pods will be able to have a long duration and support maximum output power of 15W that can produce massive clouds for enjoying with mesh coil.

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Bravo Pod with cartridge installed, charging cable, manual.


Cartridge material:PCTG
Main body material:Zinc alloy
Power range: 7-15W
Coil:Ceramic core: 10W (preinstalled)
Mesh Coil: 15W

Cartridge capacity:2ml
Charging port:Micro USB
Operating voltage range: 3.0~3.5V
Battery capacity: 1000mAh
Charging current: 1A

Conclusions about the device

The Starss Bravo pod device features the intuitive refillable Bravo Cartridge System that allows users to utilize up to 2mL of your favorite salt-based nicotine e-liquids or regular e-liquids with three output modes (low, middle and high), that shall be indicated by two RGB light by green, blue and red. The Starss Bravo utilizes the air-driven system for button-free and draw-activated firing.

The cartridge design is slightly different, but their volume is the same. Bravo Pod slightly wins the battery capacity by 300 mAh, but at the same time it became higher by 7 mm. But in the complete set AVP the additional cartridge is delivered. Personally, I prefer the oblong Starss button, it’s a bit small on AVP.

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In general, the devices turned out to be almost the same, and a more detailed comparison will be possible only after a full review of the Bravo Pod Starter Kit.

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Now It’s Available: Starss Bravo Pod Starter Kit 1000mAh

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Exvape eXpromizer V3 Fire RTA Review

Exvape eXpromizer V3 Fire RTA

Here’s a look at a really nice German designed MTL RTA called the Escape eXpromizer V3 Fire. Now the eXpromizer series has been around for quite some time with the original launching right around the time I started vaping which was a little over four years ago now. It’s definitely matured over the years with exVape the manufacturer releasing several versions and subversions of the tank while still maintaining it’s original concept of an easy to use, easy to build and good performing mouth to lung tank. Here are my honest thoughts on the EXvape eXpromizer V3 Fire.

Exvape eXpromizer V3 Fire Package Contents:

  • eXpromizer V3 Fire MTL RTA 2ml/4ml
  • Screw Driver
  • Manual
  • Spare parts

Exvape eXpromizer V3 Fire RTAExvape eXpromizer V3 Fire Features and Specs

  • Size: 22 x 63mm (2ml Version) / 22 x 70mm (4ml Version)
  • Capacity: 2ml/4ml
  • Type: Single Coil RTA
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Thread: 510 thread
  • Innovative MTL RTA Designed in Germany
  • Precise Juice Flow Control for Optimal Flavor
  • Easy Single Coil Build Deck
  • Convenient Top Filling Design

Packaging and Contents

The tank comes packed in a nice cardboard box with an image of the Exvape eXpromiser V3 Fire on the front doused in flames. Everything inside is safely protected by a thick sponge insert. In the kit, they include the eXpromiser V3 RTA, a manual and a spares bag. In the spares bag, you get a little blue screwdriver, a spare set of orings in black and clear and a couple of spare deck screws in case you happen to lose one. Not a whole lot in the kit but everything you should need to get started.

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The Tank

The 22mm diameter tank is made of stainless steel and stands between 63 and 70mm tall depending on which version you get. It comes with either a 2ml or 4ml capacity, I got the 4ml version so it’s 70mm. They’re essentially the same but the shorter 2ml version would be for TPD regions. To some older vapers, its construction will seem really familiar and many will notice similarities to tanks like the Kayfun or Taifun.

Exvape eXpromizer V3 Fire RTAStarting at the top it’s got a squape style 510 drip tip that’s made of POM. It’s comfortable enough and matches nicely with the tank. Below that is the juice flow adjustment. You can turn it to open or close the juice flow. It’s a handy feature, especially when using thinner liquids or for working on the deck.

Just below the juice flow control is the pull to open top fill cap. It’s similar to the top fill on a tank like the OBS Engine where you slide open the cap to reveal an oval-shaped fill hole in the side of the tank. It works quite well but at times it can squeeze out a bit of juice when closing it off. Below the top fill is the tank itself. It’s got a pyrex glass tank so you shouldn’t have any issues with what liquids you use.

The Tank Continued

As mentioned above it holds 4ml of e-liquid and lasts a good while depending on your build. The tank can be unscrewed from the deck if you need to install a new coil or re-wick but you can also unscrew the lower airflow base from the deck which also acts as a sort of catch cup in case of leaking. The airflow has an adjustment ring that lets you set it exactly how you want it with a series of graduated holes. It’s got two sets of holes that you can expose with one set having an extra tiny hole for a really tight MTL draw.

You can choose to expose just that one hole or a whole range of them and you can even set it for a fairly decent direct lung hit. The AFC uses two orings to seal it so there’s no compression loss which makes for a nice truly tight MTL vape. As much as the design of the eXpromiser has matured they still cling to the original design and concept despite the fact that most companies have given up on juice flow control and I don’t remember the last time I saw a catch cup base. Still, they’re handy features if you know how to use them and I think it’s nice that they stayed true to their designs.

The Deck:

The deck is really nothing special and in fact, feels quite dated at this point. It’s a two post deck that could be considered Kayfun style with a screw on either side of a bottom airflow hole. You basically build and wick it just like a Kayfun with two little troughs on either side of the deck that is perforated with three holes each. These holes allow the juice to come up from below and feed your wicks.

Exvape eXpromizer V3 Fire RTAOn Kayfuns I usually drill these holes out to allow for a bit more juice flow but on the eXpromiser. I haven’t found it necessary as they already provide three nice graduated holes on each side for the juice to come through and so far dry hits have not been an issue for me. In fact with thinner juices that juice flow control may even be necessary considering how well this thing wicks. Sure the deck might feel a bit outdated but it’s tried and true and any old school vaper can tell you it just works. Why re-invent the wheel?!

Build, Wick and Performance

Building on this tank really couldn’t get much easier, just line your coil up with the bottom airflow hole, wrap your leads around the two opposing post screws and tighten them down. You can make sure it’s lined up and sitting just above the bottom airflow hole and that’s about it. Wicking it is equally as simple and is even easier than on an earlier Kayfun because of the provided wick channels. Just cut your wick long enough to reach the bottom of the deck and tuck them in on either side. Prime your wicks, screw the tank back on and you’re good to go!

Exvape eXpromizer V3 Fire RTAPerformance wise this thing can do both mouth to lung and a restricted direct lung but I feel it’s just slightly more geared towards mouth to the lung. I’ve been rocking it mostly closed with either one or three of the holes open and it’s been a treat. Full flavour and a nice dense vape, there really isn’t much to complain about with this one. I do feel the airflow hole under the coil is a bit wide for MTL but the AFC helps to tighten things up and overall it’s been a really great experience.

Final Thoughts 

I tend to prefer MTL and single coil atomizers. So the Exvape eXpromiser V3 Fire was a very welcome addition to the collection. The overall design feels just a tiny bit antiquated. I personally dig the looks and functionality of it. It’s very well engineered thanks to the German design team that spent countless hours perfecting it. I’d have no trouble at all recommending the eXpromiser V3 to anyone looking for a solid rebuildable MTL tank. Especially one that comes packed with all of the features it bears.

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Now It’s Available :Exvape Expromizer V4 MTL RTA

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Voopoo X217 Box Mod

Sneakerhead as diagnosis: Wismec Reuleaux Tinker Kit

Wismec has released the Reuleaux Tinker Kit. The new box mod received an extraordinary ergonomic shape, powered by three 18650 batteries and a 6.5 ml Column Tank as a companion.

November 16, the company Wismec announced on the Facebook page a set of  Reuleaux Tinker Kit . The box mod that entered it was styled as a well-known model of basketball sneakers and decorated in three colors inherent to it. The case was provided with high ergonomics, expressed in smooth lines, rubber inserts and clippings. An anatomically-curved fire button, a color display, a couple of round keys, and a USB port were installed on the front side. The ends complemented the ventilation holes. A folding battery cover was made on the bottom.

The boxmode is capable of delivering 300 watts, however, it requires at least three 18650 batteries for these numbers. The USB port should be charged with a current of no more than 2A. In addition to the option, several thermal monitoring modes are provided. Color interface can be customized to your liking.

The complete tank is made to match the fashion and is allocated from the total mass of the “pot-bellied” colored flask. It is provided as a standard volume of 2 ml, and expanded to 6.5 ml. For access to the filling opening is a sliding cover. On the edges of the topkap and the base there is a knurling for comfortable manipulations. The blowing adjustment ring is provided with a plurality of separated holes. The device works with a replaceable evaporator of the WL01 series at 0.15 ohm.

The package includes two evaporators, an additional bulb, oringi, USB-cable and instructions.

Main characteristics:

  • Fashion size – 78.3 by 56 by 44 mm
  • Meals – 3×18650
  • Maximum power – 300 watts
  • Resistance – from 0.05 to 3.5 ohms
  • Tank size – 54 by 28 mm
  • Volume – 2 / 6.5 ml
  • Set weight – 263 g

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Now It’s Available : Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 300W TC Kit with Column Tank

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Voopoo X217 Box Mod

Joyetech eVic Primo – 200 Watt Toddler

Joytech tries to keep up with competitors and pours its new products to the market. Another Joyetech eVic Primo box mod with a UNIMAX 25 tank is an attempt to make a compact one (as far as possible with two 18650 batteries), but at the same time a very functional device.

Joyetech eVic Primo

Joyetech eVic Primo will be offered in 5 colors: silver, black and silver, black and gray, black and red and bronze.

Joyetech eVic Primo

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Joyetech eVic Primo

Judging by the functionality of the board at eVic Primo is the same as that of most predecessors. In the upper part there is a standard 510 connector with a spring-loaded pin, and the platform allows you to install any tank or drip with a diameter of up to 25 mm.

Joyetech eVic Primo

The complete tank of UNIMAX 25 with a volume of 5 ml has the top gas station and having blown. To fill the fluid in the tank it is necessary to unscrew the top cover and fill it through the special holes.

Joyetech eVic Primo

Together with the UNIMAX 25, the new BFL and BFXL evaporators were introduced at 20-40 and 30-50 watts respectively. The material of the spirals is kantal. Not much, especially considering that the mod gives up to 200 watts.

Well, the PowerBank function that has already become mandatory for all new products. It is implemented as well as most competitors – through a special (not included in the kit!) Adapter.

Joyetech eVic Primo

The board implements protection against over-flooding (polarity errors when installing batteries), overdischarge and overcharging – in general, everything is standard today.


  • Modes: varivatt, thermal control (Ni, Ti, SS316), TCR, Smart, RTC, Powerbank;
  • Power range: 1-200 watts;
  • Resistance range: 0.05-1.5 ohms in thermal control and 0.1-3.5 ohms in varivat mode;
  • Temperature range: 100-315 ° C;
  • Voltage range: 0.5–9 volts;
  • Tank volume: 5 ml;
  • Evaporators: BFL and BFXL, BF series (excluding BF RBA) with an adapter;
  • Batteries: 2 × 18650 (not recommended with a current rating of 25 A);
  • Maximum charge current: 1.5 A;
  • Maximum current output: 50 A;
  • Features: fast charging via USB, preheat, firmware update and logo change, clock;
  • Size: 53x26x134 mm;
  • Colors: silver, black and silver, black and gray, black and red and bronze;
  • Fashion weight: 156.0 g;
  • Tank weight: 58.0 g;


  • Mod eVic Primo (batteries not included);
  • Tank UNIMAX 25 with repair kit;
  • Two evaporators BFXL Kth 0.5 Ohm;
  • Replaceable stickers on the case;
  • USB cable;
  • Manual, warranty card;

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Now It’s Available :

Joyetech UNIMAX25 AIO starter kit

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Voopoo X217 Box Mod

Vandy Vape AP Kit Preview – AP-py And I Know It…Sorry!

The AP Kit By Vandy Vape Previewed

The Vandy Vape AP Kit is a new internal battery kit for beginners and MTL vapers.

AP kit poster

The kit includes the AP mod and the AP MTL tank.ap kit components

The tank uses coil heads which you install and two are included in the kit – a 1.5ohm and a 1.8ohm. Both of these coils are also compatible with the Vandy Vape BSKR MTL Kit.ap mtl coils

As the name tells you this is an MTL tank – which is designed for Mouth to Lung vapers. This is a vaping style which is often natural to ex smokers – and devices for MTL use usually use lower power, higher resistance coils and have a more restricted and controllable airflow.ap mtl tank

To give the restricted airflow there are 6 airflow inlet holes of various sizes from 0.6 to 2.5mm and you turn the airflow control ring to select the required inlet size.

The battery part (the mod) has a 900mAh internal battery but as the tank coils only require 13W maximum this should last a while between charges.ap kit battery

One very appealing feature of this kit is that the mod is Waterproof (IP66) and it has shock and dust protection.ap kit waterproof

There are a set of lights on the front with various voltages marked next to them – I am not sure if these are to indicate the battery capacity remaining or are some kind of variable voltage output?ap mod LED

A close up image also shows + and – buttons on the front so hopefully this is variable. The maximum output is 20W.ap kit red

There are 5 colours available – Frosted Red, Frosted Cyan, Frosted Green, Frosted Amber and Frosted Black.AP kit colours

Kit Includes

  • Vandy Vape AP mod
  • Vandy Vape AP MTL Sub Tank
  • Accessory bag
  • 1.5ohm coil
  • 1.8ohm coil
  • USB Cable
  • User manual

Vandy Vape AP Mod Specs

  • Size: 76×27.9mm
  • Battery: 900mAh (internal)
  • Output: 20W max
  • Output modes: Voltage
  • Resistance range: 0.6-3ohm
  • Waterproof plus shock and dust protection
  • Lightweight

ap kit specs

Vandy Vape AP MTL Sub Tank Specs

  • Size: 22x38mm
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Coils: VV MTL Coil – 1.5ohm or 1.8ohm (BSKR MTL Coil)
  • 6 multi-directional air inlets for adjustment
  • Top fill

This is a cute little kit. I love the rugged-ness of it – being a clumsy arse that is a very appealing feature!

Now It’s Available :

Vandy Vape AP Kit 900mAh

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Coilart Mage Mech V2.0

Review: Smoant S8 pod system

As its name clearly indicates, the S8 is a  pod , a vape with simplified use, which beyond its original form effortlessly produces a quality vape by indirect inhalation.

There is no simpler

The S8 is a real pod , that is to say an electronic cigarette that simplifies the life of the vaper, starting or not. On the aesthetic side, there are of course several finishes, from the most discreet to the most flashy.

It is composed of 2 parts: on the left the body which contains the battery and the necessary electronics, on the right a tank, which contains the atomizer and 2 ml of liquid.

Assembled, it gives this little thing in the form of pebble, it would also be remarkable to make a contest of ricochets. It is easy to store and does not weigh heavily: 70 g

His grip is nice. And to vape, it’s easy: just suck a puff on its tip, formed by the top of the tank. It goes off by itself, no need to press a button, everything is automatic. By the way, I had no leaks, the tanks seem reliable on this point.

It may seem odd to propose such a form to wear it: we are closer to the saxophone than the cigarette. Yet it works, it works very well on this pod, Smoant having studied its form, which allows spontaneous vape by indirect inhalation.

The vape MTL is of quality

The first time, as it is symmetrical, I regularly erred on the side to vaper. It is done quickly. Above all, the vape is very pleasant for those who practice indirect inhalation (that of the cigarette): we suck in the mouth, then inhale. The flavors are very well restored, at a surprising level for this kind of vaper. The production of steam is quite low, equivalent to the smoke of a cigarette, and that is enough, if only to quietly consume in society. It is therefore advisable to use liquids that are sufficiently dosed with nicotine, at least 12 mg or even 18 mg, especially if it has just been used. It is also possible to vape liquids dosed in nicotine salts, if one does not support the important hit of the high levels of classic nicotine.

The nicotine level is also important to manage the battery life. This is the weak point of the pods, their small size imposing small batteries. This will last half a day by vaping moderately. It can be recharged via its USB cable and a PC or phone charger, while continuing to vape. It takes between 30 and 40 minutes to fully charge.

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A good e-cigarette, under conditions

In short, it is a good vape tool for those seeking discretion and simplicity, but it must manage its weak autonomy. It’s not really a defect, it’s a characteristic of all small vapers, you can not put a big battery in such a small thing. 
Even if you only steam for short exposures, it will not take a day’s work, so you have to be able to recharge it, or more likely to have a second vaper. 
Note in passing that the vape during recharge is tighter. Why ? Because the air enters the pod via the USB socket: when you plug the cable, you reduce the flow.

For my part, I used it in particular moments: the morning (I like to vape in MTL in the morning, with strong nicotine levels, a habit probably inherited from my smoking period), or going shopping, even at the movies (but hush, it stays between us!). I tried a long day with him exclusively, I had to reload 6 times to consume a little more than 2 tanks. QED.

The S8 is presented in a sturdy cardboard box, with a usb cable for charging, and a fine-tipped vial and a brief user guide. A second tank would have been welcome.

Technical Review

The essential characteristics of the Smoant S8 Pod

Type of material beginner’s kit
Dimensions mod 86.6 mm out of 48 out of 12.8
Drums 370 mAh
Charge USB
Resistors 1.3 ohm
Weight of the kit 72 g
Tank capacity 2 ml

Small technical observations

Some pods only work with cartridges that are thrown when empty: it is even simpler, but binding since we can then use only the liquids offered by the manufacturer, and more expensive. Smoant has chosen another way: his tank can be filled with the liquid you want.

We distinguish the USB port, on the edge of the pod, on the left.

To fill the tank, simply pull on the small silicone cap, then slide the tip of a vial. The hole is wide enough to use the usual 10 ml vials, but not enough for pipettes and wide tips, hence the presence of the vial in the box. It will regularly change this reservoir (for just under 5 €), since this is the only way to change the resistance, whose life is not infinite. It is difficult to estimate this duration, it depends on both the frequency of vape is liquids that are used. Very sweet liquids, or tobacco flavors, for example, foul resistances faster than others. With liquids little clogging, I’m at the equivalent of 10 days of use, and the resistance does not show signs of exhaustion.

For those who like me want to know that they are the technical characteristics of their steam engine, here are the elements: the atomizer is integrated in the tank and can not be changed. It consists of a reel and a cotton wick, as on conventional atomizers. The resistance is probably in Kanthal , for a value of 1.3 ohm. The battery delivers a voltage of 3.3 to 3.4 V, its capacity is 370 mAh. The power of vape is therefore around 8 W, which is quite appropriate for the vape in direct inhalation.

In summary

 WE love

  • The simplicity
  • Pebble design
  • The quality of flavors
  • Reliable trigger

 We do not like

  • The low autonomy, specific to all pods


The Smoant S8 Pod provides a vape of quality, it is undeniable, and it does it with a reliability and simplicity of exemplary use. But it is difficult to recommend as the only equipment to start the vape: like all pods, its autonomy is too low to hold a day, unless you rarely vapot, or to have the opportunity to recharge every 2 hours.

Now It’s Available :

Smoant S8 Pod Starter Kit

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Coilart Mage Mech V2.0

Smok Alien 220W Review

Our Smok Alien 220W review takes a look at one of the best mods of the year and a favorite among vapers. Is it really as good as it’s made out to be, or should you think twice before placing your order?


  • Up to 220 W of power.
  • TC with nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils, with adjustable TCR.
  • Dual 18650 batteries.
  • Compact, ergonomic design.
  • Firing bar gives it a “squeeze to vape” operation.
  • Excellent performance in both wattage and TC mode.
  • Comes in a kit with the TFV8 Baby Beast, batteries and a charger for $129.99.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Upgradable firmware.
  • Plenty of safety features.
  • Crystal clear OLED display screen.


  • A little bit of a learning curve to operate the menu.

Bottom Line

The Smok Alien 220 W is a beast. It’s a powerhouse dual-battery mod that manages to be impressively compact and portable, it has a clear, well-presented display and it performs excellently. If you’re serious about vaping, this has genuine potential to become your go-to device. It’s highly recommended.

SMOK Alien 220W TC Mod Review

Smok Alien 220W Box Mod Review


Dual-battery mods might seem excessive when you first start vaping. They’re so much bulkier, and offer apparently-unnecessarily high power outputs. But you start to notice their advantages when you’ve been vaping for a while, whether for the drastically improved battery life or their huge potential when it comes to vapor production. If you’re serious about vaping, a dual-battery mod is definitely a good investment. And the Smok Alien 220W is one of the most widely-recommended options out there.


Smok has been a popular manufacturer for a long time, putting out tons of awesome mods over the years along with legendary tanks like the TFV series, so it’s easy to see why the Alien series is making its mark on the industry. But is it really as good as it’s claimed to be? Our Smok Alien 220W review takes an in-depth look at the device to find out.


What You Get


Smok Alien 220 W Review - Unboxing


The Smok Alien 220 W comes in a simple, compact box, but it’s packed full of essentials and useful extras. The mod sits in an upper foam layer, but on the layer underneath it there’s your tank, a spare glass tube for it, plenty of O-rings, a vape band, screen protectors for the mod, your USB charger, a user manual and a spare octuple coil atomizer head for the tank (in addition to the installed dual-coil option). The only things you need to get vaping are some batteries and a bit of e-juice. It’s a brilliant offering, overall.


Smok Alien 220W Review: The Design


Smok Alien 220 W - Appearance



The Smok Alien 220 W has a pretty cool look. It isn’t as unassuming and simplistic as many other mods, but the impact is still great. The two faces have a parallelogram shape in the center, which on one side borders the sizable display screen and on the other contains both a “Smok” and “Alien 220 W TC” logo, with both the color of the trim and the mod itself varying depending on your specific device. The front edge of the mod is really a firing bar, which sits nice and flush with the rest of the mod and has the same rounded shape as the back edge.


Overall the mod looks a little busy in comparison to other devices, but it still does a great job aesthetically – it looks high-tech and cool but doesn’t go too far with it.


The Layout


Smok Alien 220W Front Panel and Display


Most of the action on the mod happens on the front face, where the large OLED display screen shows you pretty much everything you could need to know at a glance. There are two raised adjustment buttons towards the bottom of it and a USB charging port. The firing bar is on the right edge, there is a spring-loaded 510 connection on the upper edge and the battery compartment is at the bottom. If you’ve been vaping for a little while you’ll be right at home with this.


The Display Screen


The OLED display is really well-presented. Your main active setting (wattage or temperature) is shown in the top left, beside icons for both of your batteries that show their remaining charge. Beneath this are two rows, with the top one showing your voltage, the coil’s resistance and the current, and the bottom showing what mode you’re in, the temperature of the internal chip (for wattage mode) or your ramp-up wattage (for TC mode) and your puff-count. Finally, there is a puff timer at the bottom.


This offers an impressive amount of information at a glance, and is probably the best display I’ve come across in my time as a reviewer – everything is shown very clearly and it manages to do a lot without feeling cluttered.


The Battery Compartment


Smok Alien Battery Compartment


There is a trend towards magnetically closing battery doors these days, but the Smok Alien 220 W takes what I see as the better choice and uses a more reliable approach. The battery door is simply on a hinge, and swings open easily after you slide it away from the body of the device. This isn’t as high-tech or fancy as magnetic systems, but it snaps into place firmly and feels a lot more secure in general. The polarity of the batteries is shown on the underside of the door, so it’s easy to check you’ve put the batteries in the right way around.


The Baby Beast Tank


Smok TFV8 Baby Beast Tank


The tank is really a separate offering (and we’ll be reviewing the Baby Beast separately in full), but it deserves a brief overview here too, since it’s included with the mod in starter kits. The tank has a fairly simple design: the atomizer head sits in the base of the tank with a chimney linking it to the mouthpiece, there are two thin adjustable airflow slots around the bottom, and the top cap swings open on a hinge to reveal filling holes like on the TFV4 and the others in the series. It’s pretty easy to disassemble to clean or change atomizer heads, and the tank is a perfect match for the mod from an aesthetic perspective.

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The design of the Smok Alien 220 W and the Baby Beast tank are both great. The mod comes with an excellent display screen and a logical, intuitive layout and the tank is about as easy to get to grips with as any on the market today.


Smok Alien 220 W Review: The Features


Variable Wattage from 6 to 220 W


Alien 220W - Variable Wattage


The Smok Alien 220 W offer variable wattage vaping anywhere from 6 W all the way up to 220 W, as the name of the device suggests. This is a pretty big power output for a dual battery mod, and puts it way ahead of much of the competition in this area. You might not need the very upper power settings very often, but for anybody looking to get as much power as possible out of a dual-battery mod, it’s a solid offering. If you want to go to the extreme end of this range regularly, though, you might be better off getting a triple battery mod.


Temperature Control Vaping


There is also a fully-equipped temperature control system on the Alien 220 W, supporting nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils as well as offering an adjustable TCR setting. This means that not only does the mod support all major TC wire types, you can alter its performance to suit your preferences easily, or adjust it so it works with different grades of stainless steel, for example. The temperature range is the usual 200 to 600 °F (93 to 316 °C).


The TC mode on the Alien 220 W also allows you to adjust the ramp up wattage, which is a necessary feature to get the most out of TC vaping. You’re also allowed to lock the initial resistance in at room temperature so the performance stays consistent. In short, you get everything you need for a very enjoyable TC vape on the Alien 220 W.


Memory Mode


The Smok Alien 220 W also has 22 different memory settings you can use to store some of your most commonly-used setups in both wattage and TC mode. For example, if you vape TC at 450 °F with a 60 W ramp up, you can set this as M1, and if you vape in wattage mode at 80 W, you can make this M2 and so on. This takes a while to set up (and changing settings ordinarily is easy anyway), but if you have a handful of different setups you use it might be a time-saver in the long term.


Adjustable Hit Strength


Alien 220W Hit Strength Feature


Like other recent Smok devices, the Alien 220 W has a “hit strength” feature, which can be set to give you a soft, normal or hard hit. The soft and hard settings decrease or increase the initial wattage, respectively, to give you either a slower or quicker ramp-up before reverting to your intended setting as your draw continues. This is great for tailoring your experience to suit your tastes, and it’s a great addition to the mod.


Menu System


Smok Alien 220 W Review - Menu System


The menu system on the Smok Alien 220 W is the standard style for Smok – working just like the one on the Guardian 3, the XCube Ultra and most other recent devices. Three presses of the firing bar takes you into the menu, which displays one option on-screen at a time and you scroll through using either the adjustment buttons or by tapping the firing bar. To select your desired option – such as “Mode” to switch between TC and wattage mode – simply leave it on-screen for a few seconds or hold down the firing bar and you’ll be taken to the next menu. You navigate in this way, adjusting settings as needed.


This is a pretty intuitive system when you grasp the basics, and you’ll be right at home with it quickly enough. It would have been a little better if you could just tap the firing bar to progress to the next sub-menu rather than having to hold it down or wait, but overall it works well regardless.


Safety Features


Like most regulated mods, the Smok Alien 220 W has tons of safety features to prevent issues while you’re vaping. These include short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, low resistance protection (with the minimum resistance being 0.1 ohms in wattage mode and 0.06 ohms in TC mode), low battery protection and a protection if you try to fire when you’re low on e-juice in TC mode. In short, you can vape with confidence with the Alien 220 W.


Smok Alien 220 W Review: In Use


Smok Alien 220W Mod Review - Performance

Performance: Wattage Mode


The Smok Alien 220 W performs excellently in wattage mode. It responds quickly when you press the fire button and hits pretty hard even if you don’t adjust the hit strength. There’s huge wattage range at your disposal so you’re unlikely to be disappointed with what it can do, even if you’re a competitive cloud-chaser.


The performance is great across a range of atomizers, including the Baby Beast tank included with the kit. With the 0.4 ohm coil, the performance is great across the whole recommended range of 40 to 80 W, though as the atomizer head’s listed “best” wattages suggests, it really comes into its own at around 60 W. The 0.15 ohm octuple coil is even better if you’re looking for tons of vapor and flavor – working best at between 60 and 80 W but recommended to be used at anything from 50 to 110 W – so there will undoubtedly be something in the kit to suit your tastes. If you’re looking for a mouth-to-lung vape, this isn’t likely to be the ideal tank for you, but for most longer-term vapers it’s a great offering.


Performance: TC Mode


The Alien works really well in TC mode. After going through the menu system to enter the characteristics of your coil and choose your ramp-up wattage, you select a temperature and you’re ready to go. With your custom ramp-up wattage, the start of your draw is just like in VW mode, but as the TC kicks in, the screen flashes up “Temp Protection” and there is a slight dip in output as the wattage is adjusted to maintain the same temperature. It changes smoothly, so while the drop in output is noticeable at higher ramp-ups, you get a pretty consistent vape regardless.


The big benefit to the Smok Alien 220 W in TC mode is the amount of flexibility it offers through the adjustable ramp-up and TCR. So even if you’re not happy with the performance at first, with time you can tweak it until it responds the way you want it to. Overall, the TC mode on the Alien is excellent, doing everything you need it to and offering a consistently great vape.


Refilling and Changing Coils


Smok Alien 220 W Review Ease of Use


The Baby Beast tank makes refilling and changing your coils about as easy as it gets. The tank’s top cap swings open to reveal the central tube surrounded by a rubber ring with a small section cut out of it for you to refill through. All you have to do is open up the top and drip your e-juice into the opening (avoiding the central opening) and you’ve refilled the tank.


Changing coils requires unscrewing the tank to access the bottom-mounted atomizer head, but if you’ve used a sub ohm tank before you’ll be right at home with this immediately. Simply unscrew the bottom section of the tank, and then you can replace the atomizer head by unscrewing your current one and putting the new on in its place.


Changing Settings and Navigating the Menu


The actual operation of the mod is pretty easy too. The most common thing you’ll have to do is change your main setting, and this is handled easily with the help of the two adjustment buttons. If you hold the button down, it will advance 1 W at a time at increasing speed, but you can simply press the button to make fine adjustments as needed.


Although the full menu system gives you access to all of the available options, you can use some shortcuts to immediately get to the most common settings. To change your mode on the Smok 220 W, press the left (i.e. down) adjustment button and the firing bar to be taken straight to the relevant screen. You then select TC, wattage or memory mode as you would in the menu. Pressing the right (up) adjustment button and the firing button takes you to the hit strength option in the same way.


Because of this, you don’t have to go into the menu very often, but even if you do it’s pretty intuitive. You’ll need to do this to turn the device off (the “Power” option), adjust the initial resistance in TC mode (in “Setting” and “Adj Ohm”), activate stealth mode (“Setting” and “Scr Time”) and to reset the puff counter or set a maximum for it, among other things.


On the whole, after a short learning curve, you’ll be able to navigate around the Smok Alien 220 W without issues. It’s not as simple as many beginner-level devices, but if you want something more capable it’s about as easy as it gets.


Comfort and Portability


The Alien 220 W is a dual-battery mod, and this would usually mean that it isn’t especially portable, but Smok has done a great job of keeping the size down. It’s comparable with many single-battery mods when it comes to size, so it’s impressively easy to slip into a pocket or carry around in a compartment of your bag. The curved, ergonomic design and the firing bar also make it really comfortable to use. It fits nicely into your palm and you quickly get used to giving it a brief squeeze to fire too.


Build Quality


Smok Alien 220W Review - Manufacturing Quality


The Smok Alien 220 W is really well put together. The device has a solid metal chassis, an impressively clear and well-presented display and great machining all-round. The spring-loaded 510 connection and battery contact points are plated in 24 k gold, and everything fits and connects comfortingly snugly. The firing bar has enough give to prevent accidental activation but pushes down easily enough when you want it to, and the adjustment buttons have a good amount of resistance and a satisfying click when pushed down. Overall, it’s great when it comes to build quality.

  The Smok Alien 220W is a brilliant mod. With a wide enough wattage range to suit pretty much any vaper, a full-featured TC system, a compact design despite the dual-battery nature of the device and great performance all-round, it’s a pretty difficult device to complain about. There might be a bit of a learning curve when it comes to the menu system and key shortcuts, but you’ll get to grips with it really quickly. Paired with the TFV8 Baby Beast – a great tank in its own right – it’s a fantastic choice for any vaper looking for something high-quality and dependable, whether you’ve owned mods before or it’s your first foray into the area.Now It’s Available :

Smok Alien 220W TC Kit with TFV8 Baby Tank

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SMOK Stick M17 Review

The SMOK Stick M17 is an all-in-one, pen-style vape with an internal 1300mAh battery. The kit comes with two 0.6ohm coils, but the M17 lacks both power settings and airflow control. It’s at least very easy to use, but is that enough to make it worth buying?

Review: SMOK Stick M17

SMOK Stick M17 Review

Manufacturing Quality

I’ll just come right out and say that this is one of the more disappointing SMOK releases – and that’s saying something. They’ve had their fair share of duds over the years. They make up for it with a handful of really great products, and it’s no surprise that some of their products aren’t that great when they release a new vape what seems like every few weeks.

The SMOK Stick M17 is unremarkable in pretty much every way possible. It has an internal battery with a 1300mAh capacity, and I’m fairly certain it doesn’t have 2A charging. You don’t get any power flexibility either, just an indicator light that lets you know when your voltage has dropped below 3.3v.

As an all-in-one kit, the coils screw right into the base. This means you can’t use your own tanks on top of the battery/base. The two coils that are included are 0.6ohm dual coils. Not bad, but nothing exciting either. The tank portion does have a convenient top-filling design, but no airflow control at all.

SMOK Stick M17 Colors

In other words, you have a slow charging internal battery that delivers a non-adjustable voltage (based on the battery charge level) to a coil and atomizer with fixed airflow. Oh, I forgot to mention that the tank capacity is only 2ml.

If that all sounds familiar, it’s because there are dozens of options just like it already on the market. Including the SMOK Stick AIO. The only difference between the two seems to be that this is a few millimeters thinner and the SMOK Stick AIO has a bigger battery and lower resistance coils.

To be fair, it’s not that the M17 is made poorly. It just is one of the least exciting vaporizers I’ve reviewed in a while. It is available in a handful of colors, including SMOK’s classic iridescent multi-color.

Flavor Quality

The vapor quality is average. The included 0.6ohm coils deliver a nice blend of flavor and cloud size, but you have absolutely no control over the performance at all.

I consider the draw to be a slightly restricted direct-lung style. Unfortunately, that’s all there really is to say about the vapor from this. It works and gets the job done. The performance is passable.

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Power Flexibility

There is no power flexibility with the M17. There is only one button and all it does it turn the unit on or off and engage the coils. The voltage output to the coils is based on the battery charge level, which means you’ll get stronger hits when the battery is fully charged.

The performance drops off the longer you use it until you eventually have to charge it. The device has an indicator light that flashes to tell you when it has dropped below 3.3v, but in my experience, you should charge this before it reaches that level.

SMOK Stick Flat

Ease of Use

The SMOK Stick M17 is at least very easy to use. You just screw a coil onto the base, set up the tank, fill it up, and you’re ready to start vaping.

Clicking the single button five times will turn the device on, then clicking and holding that button will engage the coils so you can take a draw.

The top cap twists open to allow easy filling like many of SMOK’s other tanks.


The portability of this is good. It has a 17.5mm diameter, which is a few millimeters thinner than many other pen-style vapes. For comparison, both the SMOK Stick AIO and SMOK Stick V8 have 22mm diameters.

The 4.5mm difference equates to about 3/16”. In my opinion, this is not enough to make a big difference to how comfortable they are to carry.

The portability is still good, but so is the portability of other slightly thicker vapes – and they have the benefit of longer battery lives as well.

SMOK Stick M17 Color Selection

Overall Experience

I’m obviously not a big fan of the SMOK Stick M17.

It’s only selling point is that it is slightly thinner than mostpen-style vapes. But the difference still isn’t very noticeable.

The limitations, however, are numerous. A slow charging internal battery. No power flexibility. No airflow control. The included tank only has a 2ml capacity, and you can’t use your own tanks because of the AIO setup.

The vapor is good, but nothing you can’t find from dozens of other vapes.

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Smok Stick M17 Kit

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SMOK Infinix Review | A Refillable Phix Clone?

Product intro

A SMOK MTL vape sounds like an oxymoron, but this is actually now a thing. The kings of clouds have recently released three refillable MTL pod mods, and each one is like a pre-existing non-SMOK product. The SMOK Fit is somewhat like a refillable JUUL, the SMOK ROLO Badge is basically an upside down Suorin Drop, and the SMOK Infinx is the doppelganger of the Phix.

The Infinix has a 250 mAh battery and an automatic MTL draw, and it comes in a kit containing two 2 mL refillable pods along with a needle-tip 15 mL refill bottle. Looking at the Infinix, it’s easy to think you’re seeing MLV’s pod vape (especially the gun metal color), but there are differences that make them distinct from each other — though fans of the Phix may have a hard time getting past the obvious.

SMOK Infinix review


I’m sure the big question for many will be: is this a refillable Phix clone? As much as I hoped it would be, it’s not — though SMOK obviously wants it to appear that way. That’s not to say the Infinix isn’t good, just that the two don’t vape the same.

There are three main differences between the two devices: the draw is a tad loser with the Infinix, the Infinix does not use ceramic coils, and the Infinix is refillable. The draw and the ceramic coils (along with the proprietary nic salt juice) are what makes the Phix vape the way it does.

Design and build quality


The Infinix is well made with no apparent manufacturing defects. It’s got a zinc alloy housing with a matte finish over a diamond-shaped body (see specs for measurements). In general, the device feels good in the hand. It’s lightweight — weighing only about 22 grams — and it has a nice satin touch. I do wish it had some kind of texture for secure gripping though. But no matter how you slice it, even with minor differences in the details of the body (like its slightly rounded edges), the overall design of the Infinix is the Phix. If you don’t like that design, you probably won’t like this one.

Refillable Infinix pods


The pods of the Infinix are the same shape as the device, and they taper at the mouthpiece which should prevent accidentally drawing on the wrong end which could cause the device to autofire — a problem for pod devices with twin ends and bottom charge ports. One minor gripe I have is that the pods don’t click into place. At least they’re held in snugly.

Monitoring your juice level is easy with these pods; they have an eye-shaped window that’s on the front and back. And refilling is easy too. You can use the included needle-tip bottle or a unicorn bottle, but using a regular dropper may be messy. The refill plug is on the side of the pod under mouthpiece, and the fill plug is anchored to the pod so there’s little fear of losing them (unlike on the Rofvape Warlock Peas).

Note: the Infinix pods are NOT compatible with the Phix.

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The Infinix can provide a nice and warm MTL vape. The flavor is slightly above average for pod vapes and the throat hit is on the mild side. The draw is an easy MTL vape that hits without drawing hard. The draw is probably most similar to the MyBlu (formerly known as the MyVonErl). But with the Infinix, it hits quickly and it stops almost immediately.

I’ve used 50/50 juice up to 70/30 with pretty much equal performance. No hot pops, gurgling, after-sizzle (like in the Kado Stealth), and the pods have been free from dry hits after several (over seven) refills each.

The Infinix pods use regular cotton wicks that are cut outside of the chimney. So far, this thing has wicked like a champ. The wicking seems quite efficient — I’ve taken the pods down to practically a dry wick before I could taste it. But I’ve gotten occasional juice in the mouth and a little leaking. Although it’s just been a little bit, the leaking has led to some recent issues with the battery.

Infinix battery


The battery life of the Infinix is about what you’d expect from a 250 mAh battery — not great. But it can charge quickly via a regular USB port (located on the bottom of the battery), only taking 25 minutes to be fully charged from a depleted state. And since the battery has pass-thru charging, you won’t be stuck waiting to vape as it charges. Just make sure to keep the bottom of your pods dry.

Similar to issues with the Phix, a pod that has juice on the bottom can cause issues with the charging and performance. Recently, I’ve gone to take a hit off the Infinix and nothing happened. It started hitting again after drying off the contacts but continued acting wonky for a while. I recommend taking the pod out every once and awhile and wiping off any liquid on the bottom.


  • Clean manufacturing
  • Convenient and stealthy
  • Works with up to 70 VG
  • Easy to refill
  • Efficient wicking
  • Fast charging (25 minutes)
  • Pass-thru charging


  • Wet pods can cause battery issues
  • Pods don’t click into place
  • Will have to recharge often if chain vaping


Aside from SMOK jacking MLV’s overall design, I think the Infinix is good enough that I would rather use it over the closed system of the Phix. But due to my battery issues from wet contacts, I have to hold off on a recommendation for this device. For a refillable pod vape like this, the device has to be designed in a way to withstand the occasional juice on the contacts. I do like using the Infinix though, so if SMOK finds a way to address that issue I’ll return to my original recommendation. If you are going to get an Infinix, I recommend you take care to keep the bottom of your pod dry.

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SMOK Infinix Starter Kit

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