Nursery Wall Stickers

It is probably one of the best activities that parents indulge in when a baby is expected. Decorating the nursery is a pleasure for both parents. They want the baby to have the best place to start its life on earth. They look at various things that can make the nursery look beautiful and colorful. Children start looking at colors and images at a young age. So having nursery wall stickers on those walls can be a great way to decorate the walls of your baby’s room.

What Are Nursery Wall Stickers?

These are printed vinyl sheets which can be stuck to your walls, windows, doors or even furniture. They come with brightly printed pictures that will be liked by children. They are easy to stick and have a long life. They are a great way to make your kids’ nursery look beautiful and bright for the child to look at and enjoy.

Kids Wall Stickers
Kids Wall Stickers

The Advantages Of Nursery Wall Stickers

The main advantage of nursery wall stickers is that they are easy to install and remove when needed. They are made of high-quality vinyl and have a long life. You don’t have to spend money and time on painting the walls. You don’t have to struggle to install wallpaper. Moreover, you cannot remove paint or wallpaper when the baby grows up.

Wall stickers are less expensive than painting and hanging pictures. They are easy and economical to install because you don’t have to call in any experts for that. You can do it yourself. There is no mess in the room like when you paint the walls. Even when you remove the stickers, they don’t leave any marks on the walls.

You get a huge variety of these stickers. It is not essential that they are stuck only to the walls though they are called nursery wall stickers. You can use them on the doors, windows or any flat surface. You can get a variety of them to decorate your kid’s room and make it as colorful and bring as possible.

The biggest advantage is that you can remove them and put up a new one without any problem. The effort is not much. As your child grows up you can keep changing the nursery wall stickers to make the room suitable for the child’s age. Even you don’t get bored with seeing the same design on the wall.

How To Install The Wall Sticker?

Animal Wall Stickers
Animal Wall Stickers

It is very easy to install nursery wall stickers. You must first ensure that the wall is smooth. Vinyl stickers won’t stick properly on a rough wall. Clean the wall with a damp cloth and let it dry. The next thing to do is lay the sticker on the ground and ensure that you have all the parts correct if it contains many parts.

You must stick the top portion of the sticker to the wall with tape. You must then remove the thick wax paper which is behind the sticker on the side which sticks to the wall. You pull the wax paper towards as you let the sticker stick to the wall. You can then use a blunt flat object to smoothen the sticker against the wall. Smoothen over and over till there are no air bubbles. Then you must remove the masking paper slowly from the top of the sticker.

Nursery wall stickers are easy to remove. All you need is a hairdryer. Gently warm the sticker and pull it slowly from the wall.

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