Eleaf iStick Pico 25 with ELLO Launching

Eleaf is so glad to introduce you an upgraded version of the popular iStick Pico, the iStick Pico 25.

The iStick Pico 25 adopts a big 0.91-inch screen, which offers the users a concise and clear interface, 2A quick charge capability and upgradeable firmware with preheat function in a compact, stylish yet powerful package. Powered by single 18650 battery, the iStick Pico 25 is able to output a maximum power of 85W and can handle various tanks up to 25mm diameter. The ELLO atomizer that features the HW coil for ultimate flavor and retractable top for easy filling pairs with the iStick Pico 25 perfectly in terms of both appearance and performance.

Eleaf iStick Pico 25 use new interface for VW mode displays resistance of coil, wattage setting and battery bar more clearly, allowing you to have a check easily by a simple glance.

The Smart mode will save one output power setting for each resistance value and can totally save ten groups of such profiles. Once you change the output power setting for a resistance, it will re-save the changed setting automatically. When the Smart mode has already remembered ten profiles and you want to add another new resistance, the first saved profile will be deleted.

You can download or make logos to your preference and put the favorite one in the mod. The logo should be single color picture in the format of bmp with limited 96*16 pixel.

Steps on how to put logo in the mod:
a.Open the picture you chose with Paint, edit it to be a single color picture of 96*16 pixel, and save it in format of bmp.
b.Download the file on our website, plug the mod in with USB cable, and double click the EleafUpdate.exe.
c.Click “LOGO” and open the picture you saved, finally the custom logo is successfully put in the mod.
d.Press the fire button twice in quick succession when the mod is powered on to enter logo on/off interface and press up or down button one time to turn on or off logo.
e.When you turn on logo and the mod enters standby mode, the logo appears on the screen till the mod goes to sleep mode.

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Commercial style – Joyetech Evic Primo Starter Kit Review

JOYETECH as one of the leading electronic cigarette brand in China is familiar to many advanced vapers. The product VTC MINI, eGrip, ULTIMO atomizer and other products with excellent quality and performance attracted attention of vapers. It has become many new vapers’s start device.

After the Spring Festival, having been silent for a period, JOYETECHbegan to launch a series of products. In this article we will share new suit from JOYETECH, Joyetech Evic Primo Starter kit.

Joyetech Evic Primo Starter kit contains PIRMO mod and UNIMAX 25 atomizer. There are a a total of five color, silver, black silver, red black, black grey, and bronze. We get the black silver one. The black silver appearance and classic leather stickers, collocating with black atomizer, sending out the rich commercial style.

The mod’s size is 53 * 84 * 26 mm. The weight is 156 g with out batteries. The details of round corner, joints and replaceable leather patches is comparative delicate with no obvious defects.

The top 510 interface is adaptive with maximum 25 mm atomizer and there is anti-lock grooves. With fast painting the mod has a comfortable texture. When using the tip of the screwdriver to scratch, there’re is only scratches and no signs of painting drop. Therefore in daily use, under the slight knock with atomizer, painting drop won’t appears easily.

Primo mod adopts double 18650 batteries to supply power. Battery tube is in the bottom of the mod. The cover adopts a push-pull type design. The tips inside and outside shows the direction of batteries in different ways avoiding damage to the chip by user’s error in installing batteries.

Primo’s master control center adopts conventional three rows. The rows are round. The top big one is the ignition key, and the small keys at the bottom are adjust keys. The key travel is short, pressure feedback is comfortable.

Joyetech Evic Primo Starter kit performance
Primo mod loaded with self-developed 200 w chips. The specific official parameter is as follows:
The output power range: 1-200 w
Output model: VW / VT (Ni, Ti, SS316) / TCR / SMART / RTC / USB charging mode
Resistance range: power mode (0.1 Ω – 3.5 Ω), temperature control mode(0.05 Ω – 1.5Ω)
Temperature control range: 100 ℃ to 315 ℃ / 200 ℉ – 600 ℉
The maximum charging current: 1.5 A

The maximum output current: 50 A
The chip sets micro USB interface, which can realize quick charge. The output model matching the tip include conventional power output, temperature control model and intelligent smart mode. It also collocated with the Logo setting, clock screen saver settings, and RC recoil function.

The practical function is clock and charge pal function. The clock display function allows you to clearly know the current time when vaping without looking at mobile phone or watch. It is a single device for two function. When going out you just need to carry two more 18650 batteries and the RC parts (need to purchase) charging, it can become a charge pal. When RC function starts, chip controls the output current according to the maximum current of the charging electronic products.

Although the current mod is maximum power is more than 300 w, but in use actually it is difficult to exceed 150 w. In order to test the Primo mod’s output performance, we compared it to the DNA200 which is relatively balanced in output. When maximum output power is 200 w using four heating coils of 0.6 A , 3.0 circle diameter and tightly wound 6 loops to test. The picture can’t shows the effect. But in actual observation, Primo mod’s response speed is very fast. The time from cooling of coils to the arising of vapor is very short. However under continuous output, it is inferior to DNA.

With the same heating coils, using 70 w output power as DNA200 at the same time, after ignition DNA200 mod’s output power increased gradually to the setting value and the vapor feels balanced, not too strong or too soft.

Primo mod’s output power reached the setting value quickly. After the peak, the vapor in mouth feels softer.

The UNIMAX 25 atomizer within the Joyetech Evic Primo Starter kit, as shown in the name, is 25 mm in diameter, large in volume, with liquid capacity up to 5 ml. It is in collocation with two same 0.3 Ω heating coils, using the top airflow structure.


  1. The top airflow structure avoid liquid spill along the air inlet .
  2. Stepless air inlet adjustment, big in diameter, the amount of vapor is obvious.
  3. In collaboration with 0.5 Ω taste type heating coils, because of top airflow, it is tasteless, but the layering is excellent.
  4. Big tank with big volume capacity, the top filling structure is convenient.


  1. Air flow through a long distance from the top airflow. There is a delay in vapor getting into the mouth.
  2. Standing for a long time, the condensate will deposit in the bottom of heating coils, and the phenomenon of boiling or frying is inevitable.
  3. The liquid-leading hole on bottom of the atomizer could not fully absorb the liquid in the tank.
  4. The drip tip has fault in fastener and it is easy to fall off.

Joyetech primo mod in collocation with taste type UNIMAX 25 atomizer performance softer without losing taste and amount of vapor. On the whole, it has strong commercial style. Combined with clock and recoil function Joyetech Evic Primo Starter kit provides dual portable functions, hints of time and charge pal. We hope this review can give you some idea for this product. If you want to buy, please click Joyetech Evic Primo Starter kit.

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Buy Limitless LMC 200W New Colors with Free Plates

I am sure that as a vaper you have heard Limitless LMC 200W Box Mod. In order to meet the demand of your continually seeking for new, LMC 200W Box Mod is on sale at urvapin with free plates and free shipping. The device is designed with interchangeable shell, and all kinds of shell with colorful patterns(red, neon splatter, skull, American LMC Triangle, color burst script, metal scratch script, wood burn LMC script triangle) are also available.As its name, Limitless series has been the pursuit of extraordinary, LMC 200W box mod new colors is no exception.Delicate shells, chic design, let you can’t wait to try.

Customized version chip, the highest power of 200 w, the adjustable temperature control system, two 18650 batteries and different kinds of replaceable shell is the first impression Limitless LMC 200W new colors gave to you.The interchangeable plates on both sides of the modreveal your personality.

You may ask where to buy such a wonderful device. Now there is a good news. Buy LMC 200W box mod new colors at urvapin with two free plates(three colors are available, red, neon splatter, skull). Make an inquiry, or talk with us, tell us the quantity and other request you need. We provide six months warranty time for the mod, no warranty for the rest spare parts and excluding the human-caused problem.

Wholesale price is lower, please contact us via email: [email protected] if you want to wholesale or dropship.Opportunity knocks but once. Don’t be hesitate. Shop Limitless LMC 200W new colors now! Free shipping and free plates!

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Win by concentration – CoilArt AZEROTH RTA

CoilArt launch a latest product AZEROTH RTA, scored in atomizer product array by triple coil deck design. Compared with the previous multiple products, it is not novel, and not “the most coil” products. But under the same set, each product will give electronic cigarette users different experience in different design.

AZEROTH RTA with a 4.5 ML oil can realize double replaceable electrode. With 24 mm diameter the oil atomizer has fully reflected its appeal in parameter and playability. But whether it is very useful is the important content of what we share today.

Little hard box packaging material is rich. In addition to the regular spare sealing ring and screw, AZEROTH RTA has a replaceable double electrodes and full black insulation roof suction nozzle.

Suction nozzle and lid are together. The two suction nozzle has a slight difference, but no big difference in using. The stainless steel link thread will be more durable than insulation suction nozzle.

With stainless steel roof, the whole atomizer the polished stainless steel color feels clean. AZEROTH RTA inlet adjustment ring has antiskid lines, and installed on the box mod with proper space at the bottom. You can easily adjust inlet volume. The span of the three hole adjustment is more sensitive.

Oil warehouse’s sealing ring at the top fix glass warehouse. It is very safe. The top of the oil storage with non-slip pattern processing, in dismantling storage warehouse for routine cleaning, avoid skid. Filling hole with large span and certain spacing from the roof edge, under normal circumstances generally prevent overflow.

For AZEROTH RTA’s oil hole, you only need to put cotton by fluffy state in to the whole oil hole. You do not need to shut down the bottom inlet, when filling from the top. The experience of all income can tell the user that the AZEROTH RTA is a very reliable storage atomizer.

Triple coil deck send the most direct characteristic is to double the smoke. This is what the big smoke users require – the “full” feeling. AZEROTH CoilArt RTA is a enough to make you experience the concentration of product.





Wismec Predator 228w Kit new colors

Wismec Predator 228w kit is the new introducted vape kit by Wismec.Compact but powerful.Wimsec Predator 228w Kit was made of Predator 228 Mod and Elabo Tank. Now Predator 288w is released for sale,and you can buy Wismec Predator Kit with best price on urvapin.

As we have seen,the Wismec Predator 228w Starter Kit has multi-colors available. Some colors new released like brushed silver, green & beige, silver & bronze, black & bronze and orange & silver are a little higher in price. Features pre-made coil,228w max power output,4.6mL and 4.9mL ejuice capacity optional and upgradable firmware, the Predator 228 Box Mod can serve as a power bank to charge other electronic devices.

Wismec Predator 228 Starter Kit Package Including:
1x Predator 228 Mod
1x Elabo tank
1x Triple 0.2ohm head
1x NS Triple 0.25ohm head
1x QC USB cable
2x User Manual
1x Warning card

Wismec Predator 228 Full Kit with Elabo Tank Features
Innovative and Stylist design
Compact but powerful
228w max power output
Firmware upgradable
VW/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TCSS/TCR Mode Supported
510 spring loaded thread
eJuice Capacity: 4.9ml (Triple 0.2ohm Head)/4.6ml (NS Triple 0.25ohm Head)
Resistance Range: 0.05-1.5ohm(TC mode); 0.1-3.5ohm(VW mode)
Temperature Range: 100-315°C/200-600°F (TC modes)

Overall, the performance of the Predator is top-notch and the Elabo has great taste and huge cloud production. While removing the drip tip makes it a little tedious to refill, it’s only a very, very minor inconvenience. However, you could argue that it’s a very good design for childproofing. The Predator is very accurate with reading the ohms of other in other rebuildable tanks and works superbly in TC (only tested SS builds) and in VW modes. The upgradeable firmware is always a massive bonus!





Evaluation of Oumier Wasp Nano RDA

Produced by Oumier, Wasp Nano RDA in Malaysia and Indonesia e-cigarettes exhibition got a lot of attention. The atomizer with two parts of the characteristics of small body and compatible filaments is lovely. This is the product we will share with you today.

Small packing box, small atomizer, all is the Nano style. In the packaging containing atomizer, hexagon wrench, aprons, screws, grease fittings and cardboard-esque cotton.

Wasp Nano, inside and outside, is a excellent workmanship 22 mm RDA.

Wasp Nano RDA Tank only has two parts, the cleaning is very easy. The joint of PEI shell and the mouth feels comfortable. The interior is gradually curl style;

At the same time, its suction nozzle diameter is comparable to conventional 510. Maybe to cooperate with gold plated base to show Wasp Nano small bee modelling, PEI material condensation resistance and heat insulation effect became worries before you select this atomizer.

The base of the Wasp Nano RDA has distinguishing feature. It has high degree of innovation. You see the deep groove, comfortable airflow and screw convenient to lock the mould. Under the filaments, the taste of this atomizer is very good, and the heat is reasonable after the drainage. Unexpectedly most common condensation problem controla is very good on PEI.

Compared with last generation Hadaly RDA, Wasp Nano RDA avoid cotton easy touch air inlet changing suction resistance. After use, the condensation on the electrode plane does not cause any impact.

For a 22 mm taste type RDA, Wasp Nano RDA is like a high-speed fuel-efficient Smart.

After a combination of the above features, this small hornets will give you incredible impression. Players focused on the same kind of 22 mm single RDA can see it good as Narda or O – atty, while for first generation Hadaly RDA, the comprehensive strength strong Wasp Nano RDA is also extremely practical.


VOOPOO DRAG 157W TC Box MOD W/O Battery Review

Powered by the 32-bit super US Gene Fun chip, the VOOPOO DRAG can bring what you have always wanted – Max 157W output power, powerful temperature control of Ni, Ti and SS coils, super mode with 130w and the fastest fire speed ever at 0.025s. You can always keep the mod up-to-date with upgradeable firmware too so you will never miss anything new. The attractive appearance is another feature that makes this mod simply irresistible: don’t miss out!

Size: 90 x 54 x 24mm
Working Voltage: 6.4-8.5V
Working Current:1-40A
Output Voltage Range:0-7.5V
Resistance range: 0.05-3.0 (VW); 0.05-1.5 (TC)
Output Power: 5-157W
Temperature Range:200-600F/100-315C

It comes with
1 x VOOPOO DRAG MOD (without cell)
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty card

510 thread
32 bit super US Gene.Fun Chip
Powerful PWM and MOS Module
Fastest fire speed – 0.025s
Max 157W Output power
Firmware upgradeable
Attractive appearance
Optional Lithium Battery

Power on/off: Press the fire button 5 times in quick succession to turn the device on and off.
Mode Switch:Press the fire button 3 times quickly, the four interfaces can be switched orderly under normal startup condition. Constant power and temperature control SS/Ni/Ti.Temperature Adjustment: When the temperature was set to 100℃, keep on pressing the down button, temperature will turn to 600F. When the temperature was set to 200F, keep on pressing the down button, temperature will turn to 315℃. Quickly press the fire button 4 times can get into wattage adjust interface. Then you will see the letter “W” is flashing. The adjustable wattage is 5W to 80W.

Function Menu: Press uo and down buttons simultaneously for 1.5 seconds, enter the function menu interface. Press up button or down button simultaneously to choose th function. Press the fire button to make confirmation and go to next step.

Customization Mode: Press up and down buttons simultaneously for 1.5 seconds, the device will go to the function menu interface. Press up and down button to choose the Customization Mode and press fire button to go into Customization Mode interface. Under Customization Mode, press fire button 3 times continuously, 4 kinds of Customization Mode can be switched. VOOPOO DRAG 157W

sequentially: Stable Power Mode, Temperature Control.

Sleep Mode: If there is no operation for 30 seconds, screen will turn off. No operation for 30 minutes after the screen off, the device will enter sleep mode.

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Tesla Invader 2/3 Box Mod review

Tesla Invader 2/3 box mod is another product with higher output power launched by Teslacigs following Invader III. The user can choose to use 2/3 batteries and obtain different power output by adjusting the vlotage of the potentiometer. The maximum power output is 240W/360W. The product is equipped with and LED light at the bottom, which allows you to better know the usage of the product.

The potentiometer control knob is for voltage adjustment. You can rotate it from I to V to choose the power. The voltage regulation range is 3.0-8.0V.

With the advanced Teslacigs proprietary chipset, users will receive instant feedback upon firing Invader 2/3. Utilizing dual/three 18650 batteries in series configuration, users can actually generate power up to 240 watts/360 watts.

According to the number of LED indicator flashing,  user can clearly grasp the usage of the product, such as LED flashing 10 times that means vaping time has been more than 10s, and LED flashing 15 times that means the device voltage is too low…

Invader 2/3 is equipped with two different battery covers, one is for three 18650, the other is for two 18650. User can easily replace them and get different kinds of experience.

Adding stylish carbon fiber style that can greatly improve the appearance of Invader 2/3.

Invader 2/3 offers various kinds of protections to ensure user safety. When you are going through protection, try to make it work correctly.

Tesla Invader 2/3 box mod Features:
Maximum Wattage Output: 240.0W (2 Batteries) 360.0W (3 Batteries)
Battery: 2/3*18650 High-drain batteries (Not Included)
Minimum Resistance: 0.10 Ohms
Adjustable Potentiometer
Replaceable Battery Cover
LED Inidcator
Low Voltage Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Low Resistance Protection

You Will Receive:
1x – Tesla Invader 2/3
1x – Extra Battery Cover

Buy IJOY Captain PD270 234W Box Mod from Urvapin

As good because the battery choices are, the IJOY Captain PD270 mod’s chip is admittedly one thing to crow about. It’s the brand new IWEPAL chip, and it may be managed and managed utilizing the OLED show and buttons. From that OLED, you possibly can monitor or alter necessary settings like TC, TCR. and Energy modes, wattage, resistance, and amps. You may as well monitor battery life and hold monitor of your draw rely. Briefly, you should use that show to maximise the chip’s regulation of nearly each essential facet of your mod’s conduct.

This can be a moderately-sized mod as properly – which truly stunned us since we anticipated that the bigger batteries would require a bigger chassis to deal with them. Every part’s designed for max compactness, nevertheless, making this a decidedly moveable gadget that you must really feel snug utilizing nearly anyplace.

Efficiency is absolutely the place mods actually separate themselves from their rivals, nevertheless – so we have been solely too wanting to leap in headfirst to do this new tech marvel. We discovered that its 30mm compatibility options made it an ideal match for quite a lot of totally different tanks, so we had a blast experimenting with a few of our favorites. And, in fact, we ran the factor via its paces, testing the totally different TC options to see which settings produced the perfect outcomes for everybody in our check group. Buy authentic ijoy captanin pd270 234w tc box mod from urvapin.
You do need to keep in mind that this sort of mod is designed for individuals who have already tried vaping and need extra vape taste, greater clouds, and an general higher efficiency. In case your new to vaping then the Halo G6 may be a greater choice or probably the greatest cigalikes, this mod perhaps slightly too highly effective so that you can begin with!
General, the consensus appears to be that this can be a strong, dependable mod that offered all of the sustained energy we would have liked to blow huge clouds of vapor whereas maximizing the style outcomes we loved from every vaping session. In our exams, we additionally found that the sustained 40 A declare is actual. Like I stated, this system could be very dependable and appears to be every little thing that we’d heard it will be.

Earlier than we offer you our suggestion, although, there’s one other space of aesthetics that we should always talk about. When you’re somebody who has troubles choosing out which shirts to put on, then you definitely may need to have a good friend assist you choose your mod. Why? Nicely, IJoy is providing this mod in a minimum of 54 separate mixtures of shade choices. Some may discover that to be overkill within the selection division, however there’s one thing comforting about figuring out that an organization cares that a lot about assembly your particular wants. Buy


Today, what we introduce is AZEROTH RDA atomizer. With three base, what kind of style and experience it will bring us?

Open CoilART’s traditional packaging, the content is very simple. In addition to 24 mm diameter Authentic Coil Art Azeroth RDA tank main body, there are small mouth, spare parts package, screwdriver and cue cards.

Printed on the back of cue cards is reference of AZEROTH RDA for 1-3 of coil design for players.

Standard oil atomizer structure, divided into four parts, mouth, inlet adjustment ring, atomization warehouse and base.

AZEROTH is equipped with two standard 810 mouth, two drops of mouth are the condensation of slope design.

Players pursuit smoke type can choose large diameter stainless steel mouth, and players pursuit taste can choose the small diameter resin droplets mouth.

Air inlet adjusting ring is connected with atomization storehouse through aprons. Atomization storehouse and inlet regulating ring, on the three sides have a total of nine air inlet holes.

At the top of Inlet adjustment ring there is a ring grooves. In addition to play a decorative role, it have very good anti-skid effect when player rotate inlet adjustment ring.

Slope design at the top of air inlet adjusting ring prevent condensation, gather smoke, promoteconsistency.

AZEROTH RDA”s base is the biggest bright spot. There are six electrode column. Only on the positive electrode the gold-plated technology is adopted, so as long as the players install the hot wire on either side of the foot, one on the golden positive side, the other one on the side of the black of nagitive side.

The space in AZEROTH RDA is enough.According to your preferation, there will be single, double, three or vertical core.

Golden electrodes at the bottom of the base,prominent nearly 1 mm,also take mechanical gamers into account.

AZEROTH RDA using innovative design of the three power, not only has a very strong playability, but also bring rich experience of smoke.

Some small shortcomings such as the low hardness of screw for lock wire cross,which is very easy to leed to slip the tooth ( manufacturers have statedthat in the late large cargo high carbon steel screws will be adopted). So you can rest assured. As long as modifying electrode column, installation of silk will be easier. Then the novice players can easily navigate the new atomizer.