How About The Wismec Motiv 2

Pod systems might not be probably the most advanced vaping gadgets funds can purchase, there is however no denying their functionality and charm, particularly for newbies. And they are really popular, so it’s obvious why virtually every company in the industry is coming out with its very own pod program. These days we’re examining the Wismec Motiv 2 pod system.

A glance at the Contents The Motiv 2 will come in the conventional Wismec wrapping, a rectangle-shaped cardboard box using an image from the item inside of around the front, and a list of contents as well as company information on the rear.

Inside the box, we have the Motiv 2 vaporizer, two nonreusable pods, a micro USB cable for asking and a user manual. Right off the bat, Wismec gets benefit points for including not one particular, but two pods within the set. Not many companies do this, though they definitely should, and it’s a fair problem. Let’s say you’re unfamiliar with how pod techniques function and you accidentally burn the natural cotton wick in one of the pods? If you only got one, you need to simply buy new pods in order to use the product. This way, there is a back-up.

Design and style and Build Top quality While many pod techniques these days, including the extremely popular JUUL, seem like USB sticks, the Wismec Motiv 2 actually seems like a pod. It possesses a flattened oval shape that reminds me a bit of the Smoant S8 pod program, although this one isn’t quite as slick, arrives in a variety of colors, and contains a shiny fresh paint finish.

The Motiv 2 measures just 87.7mm x 34.4mm x 14.4 mm, weighs in at 59 grams, and due to its clever, circular shape, it can feel really comfy inside the palm. Like most other pod techniques out there, it fits in the tiniest of pockets, which makes it very easy to carry about.

The primary body from the Motiv 2 is made from zinc alloy and contains a really minimalistic check out it. Besides a tiny Guided sign, on the entrance and also the micro USB charging you slot in the area, there really isn’t other things going on, which I for just one consider an addition. If you’re a fan of clear, sleek design and style, you’re probably going to like the look of this device.

The pods are created from tinted plastic and, according to that you’re existence, they may have an e-liquid capacity of 2 or 3 milliliters. Due to the EU tobacco products directive, pods available in EU countries will hold 2 ml, whilst everywhere different, they will have 3 ml ability. This is another huge pro, as 3 ml is quite a lot for this style of product, and I also wouldn’t be amazed if most consumers would go an entire day time or more on a single refill.

I am not really a big lover in the tinting on the pods, since it makes it hard to see the degree of e-water within, in low lighting problems and when light is shown in the shiny plastic material. It’s not just a massive package, however, i for starters don’t get why numerous businesses opt for this heavy tinting.

The pods complement the circular form of the Motiv 2 entire body, however, are flattened on a single part to ensure they are more at ease to keep inside the mouth area. Sadly, there is absolutely no information on what type of coil within Motiv 2 pods, either in an individual manual or around the Wismec web site. That’s somewhat unusual, having said that I speculate they figured that anyone thinking about this sort of entry-level vape mod isn’t considering specialized details.

The fill slot is located on the base in the pods featuring a rubberized cover that is certainly simple to remove and plug back again on. The port is large sufficient to match almost any dropper, and I was even able to fill up my very first one utilizing a unicorn container. I’ve only been using it for any week, but during that time, I’ve got no leaking difficulties whatsoever.

For some reason, the airflow hole is located on the side of the pods. It’s pretty large for this style of vaporizer, and it also actually makes the attract considerably looser than most other pod techniques I’ve attempted. This may be a con for people looking for the small pull reminiscent of tobacco cigarettes, but for someone just like me, who may have long moved on to primary-lung vaping, it’s actually an expert. Everything is dependent upon the sort of practical experience you’re searching for.

Battery Lifestyle and gratification The Motiv 2 features a built-in 500mAh battery, which can be amazing for this type of compact product. For example, the just recently introduced Suorin Vagon possesses an official electric battery capacity of 450mAh, even though 50mAh may well not seem like a big difference, within this school of reduced power output gadgets, it actually translates in some dozen additional puffs.

Now, I don’t know if the promoted battery power capability is precise – suppliers often exaggerate this sort of ratings – but even at 470mAh – 480mAh, it’s still above average for this kind of little product.

The Motiv 2 features a small LED sign that lamps up differently each time you utilize it, to show exactly how much battery power you might have remaining. When the device has between 100% and 16Percent battery lifespan, the Guided will light up environmentally friendly, if the battery level is between 15% and 6%, the sunshine will be yellowish, and once the battery falls to under 6Percent, the indicator will light up red-colored to transmission that you should recharge the battery.

Luckily, the Wismec Motiv 2 features vape-whilst-charging technology, to help you still apply it a passthrough, even though it is charging. From what I’ve noticed, it will take close to an hour to refresh a completely depleted electric battery, which can be pretty good.

The Motiv 2 pod techniques possess an automated switch that activates the battery whenever you pull on the mouthpiece. It turns on as soon as you connect a pod, so all you have to do is draw onto it to utilize it. Don’t search for any switches, because there aren’t any.

With regards to efficiency, I’ve been very amazed by all the Motiv 2, but as I mentioned before, it’s a point of taste. We have not smoked a smoke in nearly 8 years, so I do not feel the need for a small, cigarette smoking-like attract, which explains why I love the free pull of the pod methods. Nonetheless, clean ex-people who smoke, or vapers who prefer a tight oral cavity-to-lung draw, might find that this Motiv 2 has excessive airflow.

Dried up hits usually are not uncommon when you use pod systems, specifically if you chain vape, but I’ve never gotten one particular when using the Motiv 2. Being utilized to far more effective, primary-lung vaping setups, I’ve been hitting Wismec’s pod method pretty firmly, but I’ve never gotten any burned preference, and the pod continues to be keeping up very well after a 7 days of use.

Wismec doesn’t provide any tips for the VG/PG percentage from the e-fluid, but I’ve been using a 70%VG/30%PG juice, and it’s been operating fantastic (no spills with no dry strikes). I would personally go as low as 60%VG/40PercentPG, but any more propylene glycol might cause seeping, therefore i don’t suggest it.

The Motiv 2 pod system functions at 3.5V continuous existing and contains the highest wattage output of 10W. That could not look like much, and it’s not, but for this style of product, it’s more than enough. I’ve actually been acquiring considerably more vapor from the Motive 2 than other pod methods I’ve tried lately, but that’s also due to that big airflow hole.

Summary In my opinion, Wismec Motiv 2 is among the far better pod systems available on the market. With the amount of available right now, and more being released virtually every day, it’s hard to make a choice, but that one actually has a few things going for it. The fact that it comes with two pods is a big plus, as it is the big electric battery capability. The build quality is right up there using the very best in the business, and let’s not forget about the 3ml capacity of the pods.

The only questionable aspect of the Motiv 2 efficiency is the airy draw. It can appeal to many people but place others away. It’s simply an issue of taste.

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Wismec Trough Tank Assessment

I never thought I’d check out a tank referred to as after the factor critters eat out of. point animals eat out of I never thought I’d visit a reservoir known as after the Well, apparently, the term “trough” has a number of definitions, one of which is “a station utilized to connect a liquid”. If there’s a lot more into it in comparison to the fashionable title.

A glance at the Factors The Wismec Trough sub-ohm tank will be a cylindrical plastic-type-sort scenario which offers a particular take a look at the merchandise within. We’ve seen this kind of merchandise product packaging recently, in the FreeMax Fireluke 2, and that I personally want it., We’ve noticed this style of item wrapping recently, around the FreeMax Fireluke 2, and I also personally enjoy it There’s nothing wrong with excellent cardboard containers, but it’s nice to see companies attempting something totally new.

Within the circumstance we now have the Trough reservoir sitting down on the top of a Styrofoam holder, the adores in which we’ve observed employed in Augvape atomizer systems. It’s within this holder that you’ll uncover each of the numerous add-ons incorporated with the reservoir. We have an additional bubble glass portion, a spare coil-human brain (one particular can come pre-put into the reservoir), and also a bag of extra o-wedding ceremony rings as well as a gasket for the fill-up-undefined dock, as well as a user guide. There’s additionally a handbag of organic and natural cotton on the bottom of the plastic-type-sort situation, however, I haven’t decided what you’re designed to do with it. Its inclusion qualified leads me to think that there is/will likely be an RBA base for your container, but there are no details about it inside the Wismec site.

Style and elegance and Build to make Top quality One important thing you’ll notice regarding the Wismec Trough container is its dimensions. Measuring 50mm through the drip-recommendation for the connection pin and 28mm in diameter around the base, the Trough definitely qualifies to be a large kid. In the event you do not have a disadvantage to large tanks, make sure it suits on the top of your mod, preferably without the overhang, Even. even if you vape at increased wattage.|Should you vape at greater wattage, the Trough can take as much as 6.5ml of liquid, which should endure a little while, even., There are several benefits of possessing a massive reservoir, though, not the particular minimum crucial acquiring e-normal water capability. The Trough can take approximately 6.5ml of fluid, that ought to last you just a little while, even

Design and style-undefined clever, the Trough doesn’t actually get noticed. It includes a timeless resin drip tip, a drive-to-slide leading cover that we’ve noticed on many other sub-ohm tanks before (Freemax Mesh Expert or VooPoo MAAT, as an example) in addition to a two-slot airflow realignment precious stone ring on the bottom. There’s actually practically nothing new to talk about really, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. So long as it vapes properly, I’m not planning to mistake a reservoir for keeping factors easy.

The Trough reservoir arrives along with two mesh coil-heads, a .35Ω solitary-coil ranked at 30W – 50W, as well as a .20Ω double-coil one particular with a suggested wattage number of 30W – 70W. Wismec even offers a .15Ω triple-coil model (50W – 90W), but you’ll have to buy which a particular person separately. It really is a new coil-mind collection, so I’m positive we’ll see far more designs, maybe even an RBA foundation, in the future. I actually do desire they would position what sort of metal the mesh consists of, however.

Overall, a relatively powerful looking for tank offering a few of the nicest machining I’ve ever seen with limited funds, Persian-undefined developed atomizer. I don’t truly pay attention to machining in all honesty, but that one does rise above the crowd to me, as besides some obvious sloppy concentrate on the foundation knurling, it appears to be very very clear.

in accordance with the coil, you could be using. According to the coil, you are actually making use of the specific way it Vapes Your vaping knowledge about the Wismec Trough will be different. I could state that I haven’t knowledgeable any seeping with either coil-mind up to now – I’ve utilized them for about 3 days each – which is always an enormous pro, especially with sub-ohm tanks, The Way It Vapes Your vaping experience with the Wismec Trough will be different. I’m not saying that the Trough doesn’t leak. most often than not it’s a coil-mind flaw. If you swap out your coil-brain and still acquiring dripping problems, then you can begin blaming the tank.

I started utilizing the Trough compartment using the individual mesh coil-brain that showed up pre-installed and I also was actually pretty astonished at the vapor development as well as the taste. Wismec promises which it has evolved the “formula” because of its wicking, selecting 30undefinedPercentage wooden pulp and 70undefinedPercentage 100 % natural cotton, also as and in add-on reconfigured the design of its coil-heads. Every single coil has its own wicking slot now in addition to further wicking slot machines that should theoretically steer clear of dried up strikes and boost preference. I’m uncertain if these adjustments actually influence the overall performance as advertised from the producer.

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After renovating every corner of your house, it is a better idea to redecorate your bathroom as per your beautiful house. Simply change the racks of toiletries, the light and toilet air refresher set and have a unique toilet paper holder. And there it is! A brand new toilet. Now unlike other things said earlier people are now experimenting with various designs of toilet paper holders. Now here some of the unique designs are mentioned.

  • Polaroid camera toilet paper holder: For those who love the retro, Polaroid camera toilet paper holder is a cute addition to their bathrooms. Not only has the holder, this unique toilet paper holder come with printed toilet papers. Lovely isn’;t it.
    Double toilet paper holder
  • A cute bear toilet paper holder: For those who need daily dosage of cuteness a cute bear who faithfully always holds up your toilet paper while covering his nose tightly is a unique toilet paper holder for kids’ bathroom. So it’;s best to have one in your kid’s bathroom.
  • Wooden robot toilet paper holder: Even you can design your own robot, who will hand over the toilet paper to you in need. Well, there is a trend of using a wooden one is in the market. People already love it. This unique toilet paper holder serves as best piece in your redecoration.
  • Tree toilet paper holder: This holder is larger in comparison with the earlier described pieces. This can hold all the paper reels at a time with the one currently in use. You can easily adjust one in the slickest corner of your toilet.
    Brass toilet paper holder

Here only a glimpse of the world of modern toilet paper holders is given. Each and every day people are coming up with new ideas of unique toilet paper holder. up to you, whether you want an unusual one or the same old design.

Wismec Trough Subohm Mesh Tank Review

Today we will consider a Wismec novelty in the face of a maintenance-free tank with a couple of interesting chips called Trough .

The last device from the company Wismec came out almost two months ago, and all this time there was no announcements and news from this manufacturer. One might have thought that the guys were really preparing something worthwhile, but the other day in their Instagram Wismec began to tizerit the usual, at first glance, maintenance-free tank. Despite the seeming simplicity, the novelty has received many interesting constructive solutions, with which we now have to get acquainted.

Trough Tank  was published in four body colors, among which are gold, steel, rainbow and black versions. The tank turned out to be quite large, and its diameter is as much as 30mm. The device uses a new environmentally friendly vacuum coating technology, which should provide the best color and texture durability.

As a blower system in the atomizer, a typical lower adjustment ring is used, in which there are two huge air intake openings occupying about 50% of the base. This decision, according to the manufacturer, will allow to achieve even larger clouds of steam, which is logical.

The filling cap in Trough Tank is  implemented as a slider and hides under one hole, hermetically sealed with a silicone insert. In addition, there is also a kind of valve that prevents leakage of fluid.

The capacity of the Trough Tank is  very solid and in the standard configuration it will be possible to pour as much as 6.5 ml of liquid into the device, provided the bubble flask is used. The tank is also available in the 2ml version, in accordance with European legislation, and the total number of tank versions is four.

The device has at its disposal a new type of evaporators with coils from the grid, as well as with innovative technology of wetting cotton, which is made in the form of several holes in a circle and provides a fluid supply of 360 degrees.

In total, three types of changers have been developed for the novelty: WT01 Single with resistance 0.25Ω, WT02 Dual with resistance 0.2Ω and WT03 Triple 0.15Ω. The last type of evaporators will need to be bought separately, and the first two will be supplied with the atomizer.

Technical characteristics of  Wismec Trough Tank :

  • Height: 50mm
  • Diameter: 30mm
  • Weight: 61.5g
  • Spaciousness: 6.5 ml / 2 ml
  • Evaporators: 
    – WT01 Single 0.25Ω 
    – WT02 Dual 0.2Ω 
    – WT03 Triple 0.15Ω

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Dovpo Nickel 230W TC Box MOD Review

dovpo nickel box mod ist die neueste Kreation aus Leidenschaft von Dovpo. Mit zwei 18650 Batterien, die eine maximale Leistung von 230 W auslösen können. Dampfers können die Einstellungen ganz einfach nach ihrem Geschmack anpassen und das Dampferlebnis mit dem Nickel genießen. Ganzkörper aus Zink mit PC-Material auf beiden Seiten. Die Innenstruktur besteht aus Kunststoff und verfügt über eine Belüftung an der Seite und am Boden, sodass Nickel während des Dampfens jederzeit kühl bleibt. Es verfügt über einen Watt Modus, Titan, Nickel, Edelstahl und TCR im Temperatursteuerungsmodus. Darüber hinaus bietet es einige weitere wichtige Funktionen, z. B. Sie können neben den variablen Funktionen auch normale, weiche, harte und Vorheizoptionen für den Benutzer wählen. 4 Farben stehen zur Verfügung.

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Technische Daten:
Größe: 90,6*56,6*28mm
Leistungsbereich: 10W-230W
Temperaturbereich: 100-300℃/200-600℉
Display: 0,96 ms TFT-Farbbildschirm
Ausgangsspannung: 1,0 V — 7,5 V
Batterie: 2×18650 Batterie mit hohem Stromverbrauch
Material: Zinklegierung

1x Nickel Mod Akkuträger
1x USB-Kabel
1x Benutzerhandbuch

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230W max output with dual 18650 battery

Full Zinc body with PC material on both sides

Wattage mode, Titanium, Nickel, Stainless Steel and TCR in Temperature Control Mode

Variable options of normal, soft, hard and user preheat for choose


Material: Zinc Alloy

Size: 90.6 x 56.6 x 28.0mm

Power Range: 10W-230W

Temperature Range: 100-310℃/200-600℉

Display: 0.96”TFT color screen

Output Voltage: 1.0V-7.5V

Battery: 2 x 18650 High-drain Battery

Package Included:

1 x Dovpo Nickel Mod (Battery not included)

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

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Voopoo Drag Baby Kit- A innovative portable starter kit

Guys, you can cheer up that another new member joined the Voopoo drag family – VOOPOO Drag Baby Trio , which is a powerful wap with a simple design, consisting of Drag Baby Mod and Drag Baby Tank with a volume of 1.8 ml. Now let’s see more about this set of vape mod below.With a built-in 1500 mAh battery, the DRAG Baby Trio delivers nearly 500 puffs when fully charged, which means you can vape all day. In addition, the DRAG Baby Trio uses the new innovative Gene Trio chipset, which provides fantastic taste and high power output. It has a tri-color battery LED. Moreover, it is compatible with PnP-M2, PnP-C1 and PnP-R1 coils to offer you a great MTL or DTL experience. It adopts a proprietary structure of the upper and middle filling adjustable airflow system structure with two holes. 

VOOPOO Drag Baby trio Kit - самый простецкий из семейства драгов...

Dimensions: 58.5 x 35 x 21.5mm (only mod) 
Weight: 55g Case 
material: aluminum alloy + stainless steel + resin 
Power supply: built-in 1500mAh 
Chipset: Gene Trio 
Output power: 5 – 25W 
Operating mode: POWER 
Supported resistance : 0.5 – 3.0Ω 
Protection:low / high resistance, overheating, short circuit, overcharge / overdispit 
Connector type: none 
Screen / diagonal: no 
Micro-USB port / charging: yes, charging current 1A 
Color: see photo below 

Drag Baby Tank 
Case material: stainless steel 
Atomizer type: maintenance-free 
Evaporators: 0.6 / 0.8 /1.2Ω 
Capacity: 1.8ml 
Diameter: 18.5mm 
Height: 43mm with drip type 
Weight: 20g 
Color: only steel 

VOOPOO Drag Baby trio Kit - the simplest of the dredge family ...


New Tank Structure to Bring You Brilliant Vaping

Compatible with PnP-M2, PnP-C1 and PnP-R1 coils for MTL or DTL Vaping

Powered By 1500mAh Battery with GENE.Trio Chip

Intelligent Cold Boost Mode for Better Vaping Experience

LED Indicators Keeps Reminding You the Battery Status

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Smoant Karat Pod Kit-An innovative device

All manufacturers in pursuit of Poda! Today on the review of Smoant Karat. This is a space design Pod System, which can be used as a second device for vaping or as the main one. The main purpose of such closed systems is to quickly saturate the body with nicotine, incl. with the use of salt nicotine.



The company Smoant really confused with the packaging, it looks more than presentable when you open the box, like a phone from Apple. In the set there is the System itself, an originality card (quality certificate), a charging cable, instructions in English and Chinese.

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Information for information

Smoant Karat Pod is made of zinc alloy and polycarbonate, available in 5 colors, equipped with a built-in 350 mAh rechargeable battery, LED indicator, which shows the battery charge level, has a cartridge with a volume of 2 ml



Height: 88 mm 
Width: 48 mm 
Thickness: 12 mm 
Weight: 75 g


Technical specifications:

Built-in battery capacity: 370 mAh, 
Cartridge resistance: 1.3 ohms, 
Output voltage: 3.3 to 3.4 V, 
Charging current: 0.5 A (at 5 V), 
Tank capacity: 2 ml.


The device consists of a cartridge and a battery pack in which the board is embedded.

The cartridge is made of translucent polycarbonate and the liquid level is visible with the naked eye. In the upper part there is a narrow mouthpiece and the inhale is tight here, as if he took a cigu and you smoke it.

Pod System Vape Kit,Wholesale Pod systems Starter Kit – AVE40


At the bottom of the two valves that block the holes for refueling. You can refuel both through one and the other. It is important to open the second valve when refueling so that the necessary air does not leave the tank.

Near the filling holes there are contacts that will be connected to the contacts in the battery pack.


The tank keeps in the battery pack confidently enough on magnets, without any backlash and does not spontaneously jump out.

At the very bottom, in its central part there is an LED indicator that signals the performance of the hearth. In addition, if the light is blue, then the battery charge is from 70 to 100%, if it is less that the light will be red.

In the lower part there is a tongue, for which you can catch a hook. There is a port for connecting the cable for charging.


Feedback from use

Tight tight, like a cigarette. If you use a liquid with salt nicotine and with a content of 50/50 (VG / PG), then the smoking is achieved in 7-8 puffs. This is a liquid with 40 ml of Nikitos. In reality, it’s not so much to soar, you immediately put Smooth Karat in your pocket until the next repa The couple gives the device a little, but apparently it is a lot of it and is not necessary. TH is. To taste you can say that he is average here. One cartridge is enough for 5 – 6 refills.

Cons and pros


– spitting is possible

-Inconvenient refueling – do not hook the stubs without tweezers or another object with a nail


– design – unlike other devices of this type of electronic cigarettes, thin,

-Tugging tightening – for lovers of cigarette traction,

– battery capacity is enough for 1 full cartridge,

– average taste transfer.

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Hellvape Rebirth RTA-With dual-post build deck

There are companies on the vaping market that are rightly considered “mastodons”, and there are companies “passing” – those who have launched one or two products and rejoice in their success. Initially, many vapers thought about Hellvape exactly as “passing”, since no one believed that after the release of one of the best-selling drips Dead Rabbit RDA, you can expect something interesting from it. But it was not there – inspired by the success, the developers of the company diligently began to look for more and more new solutions that confidently conquered their market segment. Examples of this are Drop Dead RDA, Dead Rabbit RTA and Rebirth RDA. And the last drip was no less successful than Dead Rabbit, so it was quite logical that the company released Rebirth RTA together with the famous reviewer Mike Vapes. This tank may seem both strange and interesting.

Electronic Cigarettes Wholesale,Vape Wholesale and Distribution – Ave40

General information

Hellvape Rebirth RTA is an atomizer designed for the use of two spirals, with adjustable bottom airflow and a fairly original system for mounting spirals. The specialists of Hellvape decided to use a system for installing spirals similar to the Rebirth RDA, which only at first glance seems difficult. The blowing system raises a number of questions, but if properly installed, the builds will provide a very good taste and bulk transfer. Buy Hellvape Rebirth RTA in eight colors – purple, black, rainbow, steel, blue, full black, gun metal and gold – every vaper can choose the best option for himself.


It is worth paying tribute to the company Hellvape – they completed the new tank, they are very worthy. Alas, not all manufacturers think so much about vapers or just want to save money. In a black cardboard box, vaper waits for:

  • Atomizer Rebirth RTA with pre-installed regular glass 2 ml;
  • Additional 810th translucent plastic drip type;
  • Steel adapter for using 510 drip types;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Spare bubble-glass with a volume of 5 ml;
  • Spare Oringas;
  • Spare screws;
  • Coil Cutting Tool for trimming spiral legs;
  • Branded sticker Rebirth;
  • User’s manual.

What can be said – there is almost everything that is necessary for comfortable use, if spirals and cotton wool were added, then the developers would not have the price.

Top Vape Tanks, Vape Atomizer, Clearomizer Online | Ave40

Appearance and design

Many vapers may have already noticed that recently it has become less and less common to find auto-makers that are very heavily decorated with some inscriptions or extra ruffles. Hellvape Rebirth RTA is not an exception, as the tank is made in a rather strict style. The only decoration can be considered the logo on the dome and notches in the lower and upper parts, having more functional purpose, but not decorative.

In Hellvape Rebirth RTA, the traditional format of 810 xing-free drip types is used, and depending on the vaper’s wishes, you can use either a simple translucent plastic or a more original one – like snake skin. Although replace any other from the collection is also not difficult.

The bore diameter is 25 mm, which is practically standard for devices of this class, so the tank will look logical on most modern box mods. Tank volume 2 or 5 ml depending on the use of ordinary or bubble-glass.

Base, airflow and usage features

Like dripka, Hellvape Rebirth RTA was developed in conjunction with well-known reviewer Mike Vapes, so the base is made similarly – two racks with holes, each of which has two legs of spirals. And the rack is slightly offset for ease of installation.

At first glance, the installation is quite problematic, but the main point for proper installation is the correct choice of the length of the legs of the spiral. In this situation, the Coil Cutting Tool will help greatly, with which you can get exactly the same height in builds. After the spirals are installed and secured with screws, they must be pushed to the air holes.

For laying cotton wool there are holes of medium width with stops, which is very convenient – the vaper will know exactly how much cotton must be cut.

The airflow in the Rebirth RTA is lower, and quite specific – raised above the deck of the console with 14 holes of different diameters. This technical solution allows you to divide the air flow into many smaller ones, providing lower side airflow, allowing you to get a good taste and bulk transfer. Immediately you should pay attention to the fact that when you install the spirals legs must be left large enough so that they can be placed safely over the blower. Lower air intake, adjustable by means of a rotary ring located at the bottom of the ring.

Conclusions and impressions

It is safe to say that Hellvape Rebirth RTA is an interesting one with a few non-standard technical solutions to which many vapers may have certain questions. The main issue is the airflow, since it is not so clearly marked lower, although due to the small openings, the taste transfer and the bulk will be at the highest level. Do not forget about the specific installation of the spirals, although a little adjusting, there will be no problems.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Not the most convenient installation of spirals;
  • You can install only two spirals.


  • Rich equipment;
  • Large selection of colors;
  • Comfortable styling;
  • Lower side airflow;
  • Good taste and heaps.

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Teslacigs Poker Kit Review

And again we are visiting Teslacigs company. This time, they decided to surprise the user with a hot topic. 

Teslacigs Poker 218w kit 
Teslacigs Poker 218w kit - a set for gambling ...
Dimensions: 88 x 54.5 x 26mm (mod only) 
Weight: 200g 
Case material: zinc alloy 
Power supply: 2 x 18650 
Output power: 7-218W 
Voltage range: up to 7.5V Peak 
current: 50A 
Operating mode: POWER, TC (NI200, SS, TI), TCR 
Temperature range: 200 – 600/100 ℃ – 315 ℃ 
Supported resistance: 0.1 – 3.0Ω / TC 0.05 – 1.0Ω 
Protection:from low / high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit, from incorrect polarity, from overcharging / overdischarge 
Connector type: steel 510, pin is spring-loaded 
Screen / diagonal: yes 
Micro-USB port / charging: yes, charging current 1.5A 
Color: see photo below 

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Teslacigs Poker 218w kit - a set for gambling ...
Resin Tank 
Case material: stainless steel 
Atomizer type: maintenance-free 
Evaporators: 0.15 / 0.18Ω 
Capacity: 4 / 6ml 
Diameter: 25.5mm 
Height: 45mm with Drip type 
Connector: 510, pin gold plated 
Weight: unknown 
Color: see photo below

– Poker 218w mod
– Resin Tank
– replaceable evaporators 2pcs 0.15 / 0.18Ω (one preinstalled)
– USB cable
– user manual
– warranty card
Teslacigs Poker 218w kit - a set for gambling ...
I was already confused – did the complete non-service appear in our news feeds or not, so everyone just brought you specifications. Nevertheless, I am inclined that she is not yet familiar to us. 

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Teslacigs Poker 218w kit - a set for gambling ...
It fills the top, decent capacity, eats two types of replaceable evaporators. At the base of the ring adjustment blower – everything is standard. 

By the way, with this mod, the developers also started another set. The atomizer Tallica Mini Tank, which is already familiar to us, will act as an atomizer in it.
Teslacigs Poker 218w kit - a set for gambling ...
So, the skeleton boxing mod is made of zinc alloy, but the sidewalls, as I understand plastic. They are made in the manner of playing cards, I suppose that such a subject will find its grateful admirer. 
Teslacigs Poker 218w kit - a set for gambling ...
The color scheme is not the most diverse, but it is filled with quite interesting color solutions. 
Teslacigs Poker 218w kit - a set for gambling ...
With a maximum fit, not everything is clear, because the side panels have a bevel around the perimeter. So even complete non-service is not particularly aesthetically pleasing. 
Teslacigs Poker 218w kit - a set for gambling ...
The control panel has a standard design and looks pretty neat. Fire button is quite comfortable, the rest of the keys, as usual, are located below.
Teslacigs Poker 218w kit - a set for gambling ...
The display is small, apparently monochrome. And a nice addition was the on and off sliders. Fans of the brand will certainly remember such decisions on previous models of the company. 
Teslacigs Poker 218w kit - a set for gambling ...
Compartment for the battery lurking under one of the side panels, ribbon for convenience there. 
Teslacigs Poker 218w kit - a set for gambling ...
The performance is decent, and the functionality is not bad. 
Teslacigs Poker 218w kit - a set for gambling ...
The price is still unknown – neither the one nor the other set was noticed on the shelves. 
Teslacigs Poker 218w kit - a set for gambling ...

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Smok Nord kit-a Pod System

Another new Smok Nord. The device is a Pod System (closed system), which works on replaceable evaporators, one of which is on the grid, while it is possible to refill the tank several times.



  • 1 Package
  • 2 Information for information
  • 3 Overview of the cartridge system, types of evaporators, which liquids to choose
  • 4 Battery pack and its management
  • 5 Preparing the device for work, filling with liquid and recommendations for the user
  • 6 User reviews and comparison with competitors
  • 7 Minuses and pros


In the box under the system, 2 evaporators: Nord Mesh 0.6 Ohm (mesh under the subwoofer) and Nord Regular 1.4 Ohm (under the tight cigarette traction), a short cable for the USB port – miniUSB, instruction with color pictures in different languages ​​including Russian, card, which can determine the originality of the product.

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In the right corner is a holographic sticker that protects from counterfeiting.

For the first time, Smokey applied New anti-counterfeit protection, a holographic sticker eliminates the ability to copy.


Height: 94 mm 
Width: 30 mm 
Thickness: 18.8 mm 
Weight: 80 g 
Volume: 3 ml


Technical specifications:

Battery capacity: 1100 mAh; 
Maximum power: 15 W; 
The voltage limits are from 3.3 to 4.2 V; 
Charging current and voltage: 370 mAh / 5 V; 
Maximum permissible charging current: 1 A



Information for information

Smok Nord kit is made of stainless steel and painted in 13 different colors, it has a serviced cartridge with the ability to install two types of evaporators: under sabom puff and MTL, holds 3 ml of liquid, has control using the fire button, charging port and LED indicator battery charging alarm level.

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Overview of the cartridge system, types of evaporators, which liquids to choose

The mouthpiece, which is also a tank for liquid and the installation of evaporators is made of plastic.


The mouthpiece is narrowed and comfortable to take lips. If you look at it from above, you can see that the air intake is made under the cone from top to bottom, so that drops of liquid or condensate do not get into your mouth and this is a great solution!

At the bottom of the hole through which the evaporator is installed. On one side of the face, there is a silicone chopik that closes the opening for refueling the slush.


Installing coils into the tank is very simple, just insert it all the way until it stops.


In the place where the tank sits on the battery pack, a window is formed through which you can monitor the level of the liquid. The volume of the tank is 3 ml, which is pretty good for such a bottle. A full tank is enough for exactly 1 day, some may be a day and a half, but it all depends on the needs of the user.

Now about the evaporators, which Smok provided 2 species.


The first under the designation Nord Mesh 0.6 Ohm. Here, the heating element is a grid, and this kind is suitable for lovers of ponazaliv, i.e. for saber floating. Liquids are better to use thickish, i.e. PG / VG content should be 30/70, respectively, and with nicotine 3 ml.

The second type is Nord Regular 1.4 Ohm. The tightening is tight, MTL-Naya. Here you can use liquids with salt nicotine in which the value of PG / VG should be 40/60 or 50/50, and the value of nicotine from 15 to 30 mlg.

The official website presents ceramic evaporation under the logo – Nord Ceramic 1.4 Ohm. They are also designed for heavy draft, but unlike Nord Regular 1.4 Ohm, they convey a much better taste.

Battery pack and its management

The hull is very beautifully colored. The Green version has come to us for review, with golden oustings in the form of honeycombs. Fire button or start with a pleasant click at the time of pressing.


At the bottom of the port for charging via a micro-USB / USB cable, the current value at maximum speed equals one ampere. Normal charging is done with a voltage of 5 V and a current of 370 mAh. Charging device to full charge in 2 hours. When charging, the LED is on.


The vape control is standard – to turn it on you need to press the start button 5 times, to turn it off, carry out a similar procedure. LED color can be found if you click on fire 2 times.

The battery charge is reflected by a different LED light.

If the color is green, then the charge level is 70%. If orange, then more than 30% and red – below 30%.

The board has a built-in board with all possible protection modes, such as short circuit, overdischarge and overcharge, cut-off for 8 seconds.

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Preparing the device for work, filling with liquid and recommendations for the user

To prepare the Pod System for use, you need to pull out the cartridge, open the cap and pour liquid into the reservoir. It should be noted that the diameter of the inlet filling hole is small, so bottles with a thick spout can not go.

assembly instructions

Refueling should be done slowly, since there is no other opening for the removal of excess air and you can simply throw your hands over the liquid.

After the tank is filled, you should wait until 4-5 minutes for the cotton in the evaporator to soak completely and you have not caught the garik.

Next, insert the cartridge into the battery compartment, press the fire button 5 times and begin to soar.

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User reviews and comparison with competitors

The device is very beautiful. It is difficult to say about the quality of staining, since we simply did not have time for long-term use.


The device feels great in the hand and is pleasant to use. Since the rounded edges of the case and gloss create a feeling of high cost. By the way, the gloss is filled with a kseralik, which plays strongly in bright weather. There are no complaints about the quality of manufacturing, as the cartridge fits tightly into the battery part and does not crash spontaneously.

Now let’s talk about the taste transfer. Evaporation copes with taste and if compared with a conventional cartridge system, as they say one-time, then here the taste is really felt. Especially if we talk about the grid, but as we know they quickly eat up the liquid and cleverly discharges the battery. In general, if the evaporators were standing horizontally, there would still be more taste.

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The second type of evaporation turned out to be universal in terms of slurry, it copes with almost anyone, so you should not worry about the PG / VG ratio.

In general, Smok managed to make a fit, especially for those who want to jump off regular cigarettes, try vape and understand the meaning of the word vaping, which now does not have such popularity as 3 years ago.

Cons and pros


– a small niggle on refueling – it is slow, because if you start to pour heavily on the zizka, you can be poured. This is due to the fact that there is no additional hole for air out of the cartridge,


– compact size, stealth device,

– fast charging – in 2 hours, excellent autonomy – 1100 mAh,

– The volume in 3 ml suffices for the whole day, and even more.

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