Smoant Karat Pod Kit-An innovative device

All manufacturers in pursuit of Poda! Today on the review of Smoant Karat. This is a space design Pod System, which can be used as a second device for vaping or as the main one. The main purpose of such closed systems is to quickly saturate the body with nicotine, incl. with the use of salt nicotine.



The company Smoant really confused with the packaging, it looks more than presentable when you open the box, like a phone from Apple. In the set there is the System itself, an originality card (quality certificate), a charging cable, instructions in English and Chinese.

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Information for information

Smoant Karat Pod is made of zinc alloy and polycarbonate, available in 5 colors, equipped with a built-in 350 mAh rechargeable battery, LED indicator, which shows the battery charge level, has a cartridge with a volume of 2 ml



Height: 88 mm 
Width: 48 mm 
Thickness: 12 mm 
Weight: 75 g


Technical specifications:

Built-in battery capacity: 370 mAh, 
Cartridge resistance: 1.3 ohms, 
Output voltage: 3.3 to 3.4 V, 
Charging current: 0.5 A (at 5 V), 
Tank capacity: 2 ml.


The device consists of a cartridge and a battery pack in which the board is embedded.

The cartridge is made of translucent polycarbonate and the liquid level is visible with the naked eye. In the upper part there is a narrow mouthpiece and the inhale is tight here, as if he took a cigu and you smoke it.

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At the bottom of the two valves that block the holes for refueling. You can refuel both through one and the other. It is important to open the second valve when refueling so that the necessary air does not leave the tank.

Near the filling holes there are contacts that will be connected to the contacts in the battery pack.


The tank keeps in the battery pack confidently enough on magnets, without any backlash and does not spontaneously jump out.

At the very bottom, in its central part there is an LED indicator that signals the performance of the hearth. In addition, if the light is blue, then the battery charge is from 70 to 100%, if it is less that the light will be red.

In the lower part there is a tongue, for which you can catch a hook. There is a port for connecting the cable for charging.


Feedback from use

Tight tight, like a cigarette. If you use a liquid with salt nicotine and with a content of 50/50 (VG / PG), then the smoking is achieved in 7-8 puffs. This is a liquid with 40 ml of Nikitos. In reality, it’s not so much to soar, you immediately put Smooth Karat in your pocket until the next repa The couple gives the device a little, but apparently it is a lot of it and is not necessary. TH is. To taste you can say that he is average here. One cartridge is enough for 5 – 6 refills.

Cons and pros


– spitting is possible

-Inconvenient refueling – do not hook the stubs without tweezers or another object with a nail


– design – unlike other devices of this type of electronic cigarettes, thin,

-Tugging tightening – for lovers of cigarette traction,

– battery capacity is enough for 1 full cartridge,

– average taste transfer.

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Now It’s Available: Smoant Karat Pod Kit

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Smok Nord kit-a Pod System

Another new Smok Nord. The device is a Pod System (closed system), which works on replaceable evaporators, one of which is on the grid, while it is possible to refill the tank several times.



  • 1 Package
  • 2 Information for information
  • 3 Overview of the cartridge system, types of evaporators, which liquids to choose
  • 4 Battery pack and its management
  • 5 Preparing the device for work, filling with liquid and recommendations for the user
  • 6 User reviews and comparison with competitors
  • 7 Minuses and pros


In the box under the system, 2 evaporators: Nord Mesh 0.6 Ohm (mesh under the subwoofer) and Nord Regular 1.4 Ohm (under the tight cigarette traction), a short cable for the USB port – miniUSB, instruction with color pictures in different languages ​​including Russian, card, which can determine the originality of the product.

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In the right corner is a holographic sticker that protects from counterfeiting.

For the first time, Smokey applied New anti-counterfeit protection, a holographic sticker eliminates the ability to copy.


Height: 94 mm 
Width: 30 mm 
Thickness: 18.8 mm 
Weight: 80 g 
Volume: 3 ml


Technical specifications:

Battery capacity: 1100 mAh; 
Maximum power: 15 W; 
The voltage limits are from 3.3 to 4.2 V; 
Charging current and voltage: 370 mAh / 5 V; 
Maximum permissible charging current: 1 A



Information for information

Smok Nord kit is made of stainless steel and painted in 13 different colors, it has a serviced cartridge with the ability to install two types of evaporators: under sabom puff and MTL, holds 3 ml of liquid, has control using the fire button, charging port and LED indicator battery charging alarm level.

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Overview of the cartridge system, types of evaporators, which liquids to choose

The mouthpiece, which is also a tank for liquid and the installation of evaporators is made of plastic.


The mouthpiece is narrowed and comfortable to take lips. If you look at it from above, you can see that the air intake is made under the cone from top to bottom, so that drops of liquid or condensate do not get into your mouth and this is a great solution!

At the bottom of the hole through which the evaporator is installed. On one side of the face, there is a silicone chopik that closes the opening for refueling the slush.


Installing coils into the tank is very simple, just insert it all the way until it stops.


In the place where the tank sits on the battery pack, a window is formed through which you can monitor the level of the liquid. The volume of the tank is 3 ml, which is pretty good for such a bottle. A full tank is enough for exactly 1 day, some may be a day and a half, but it all depends on the needs of the user.

Now about the evaporators, which Smok provided 2 species.


The first under the designation Nord Mesh 0.6 Ohm. Here, the heating element is a grid, and this kind is suitable for lovers of ponazaliv, i.e. for saber floating. Liquids are better to use thickish, i.e. PG / VG content should be 30/70, respectively, and with nicotine 3 ml.

The second type is Nord Regular 1.4 Ohm. The tightening is tight, MTL-Naya. Here you can use liquids with salt nicotine in which the value of PG / VG should be 40/60 or 50/50, and the value of nicotine from 15 to 30 mlg.

The official website presents ceramic evaporation under the logo – Nord Ceramic 1.4 Ohm. They are also designed for heavy draft, but unlike Nord Regular 1.4 Ohm, they convey a much better taste.

Battery pack and its management

The hull is very beautifully colored. The Green version has come to us for review, with golden oustings in the form of honeycombs. Fire button or start with a pleasant click at the time of pressing.


At the bottom of the port for charging via a micro-USB / USB cable, the current value at maximum speed equals one ampere. Normal charging is done with a voltage of 5 V and a current of 370 mAh. Charging device to full charge in 2 hours. When charging, the LED is on.


The vape control is standard – to turn it on you need to press the start button 5 times, to turn it off, carry out a similar procedure. LED color can be found if you click on fire 2 times.

The battery charge is reflected by a different LED light.

If the color is green, then the charge level is 70%. If orange, then more than 30% and red – below 30%.

The board has a built-in board with all possible protection modes, such as short circuit, overdischarge and overcharge, cut-off for 8 seconds.

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Preparing the device for work, filling with liquid and recommendations for the user

To prepare the Pod System for use, you need to pull out the cartridge, open the cap and pour liquid into the reservoir. It should be noted that the diameter of the inlet filling hole is small, so bottles with a thick spout can not go.

assembly instructions

Refueling should be done slowly, since there is no other opening for the removal of excess air and you can simply throw your hands over the liquid.

After the tank is filled, you should wait until 4-5 minutes for the cotton in the evaporator to soak completely and you have not caught the garik.

Next, insert the cartridge into the battery compartment, press the fire button 5 times and begin to soar.

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User reviews and comparison with competitors

The device is very beautiful. It is difficult to say about the quality of staining, since we simply did not have time for long-term use.


The device feels great in the hand and is pleasant to use. Since the rounded edges of the case and gloss create a feeling of high cost. By the way, the gloss is filled with a kseralik, which plays strongly in bright weather. There are no complaints about the quality of manufacturing, as the cartridge fits tightly into the battery part and does not crash spontaneously.

Now let’s talk about the taste transfer. Evaporation copes with taste and if compared with a conventional cartridge system, as they say one-time, then here the taste is really felt. Especially if we talk about the grid, but as we know they quickly eat up the liquid and cleverly discharges the battery. In general, if the evaporators were standing horizontally, there would still be more taste.

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The second type of evaporation turned out to be universal in terms of slurry, it copes with almost anyone, so you should not worry about the PG / VG ratio.

In general, Smok managed to make a fit, especially for those who want to jump off regular cigarettes, try vape and understand the meaning of the word vaping, which now does not have such popularity as 3 years ago.

Cons and pros


– a small niggle on refueling – it is slow, because if you start to pour heavily on the zizka, you can be poured. This is due to the fact that there is no additional hole for air out of the cartridge,


– compact size, stealth device,

– fast charging – in 2 hours, excellent autonomy – 1100 mAh,

– The volume in 3 ml suffices for the whole day, and even more.

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Now It’s Available: SMOK Nord Pod System Kit

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