Innokin Jem Pen AIO Tech Review

Introduction: The Innokin Jem Pen AIO set is the most recent AIO (All in One) kit from well-liked vape maker Innokin. They have an excellent history of creating good beginner information for quite some time as well as produce one of my personal favorite mods of last year in the proton. But these days it appears a lot more mises with items like the gala, EQs, and DV pods so let’s see if the Jem pen AIO could be a bounce-back on their behalf. The Jem Pen is a simple “pen styled” I AIO with replaceable coils as well as an integrated 1000mah electric battery and it is press button to flame. It’s available in 6 colors Light Blue, Pink, Silver, Monochrome, and Cosmos. Looking around on the internet I discover their whereabouts for around 16-20 bucks but component vape has them for 18.95 for the package and 17.95 to get a 5 pack of coils so excellent value stage for the product however the coils are from the supply. The Jem Pen AIO is easy to pen design AIO package that which indicates the coil screws directly onto it (no 510 relationships). There isn’t another mod or reservoir which can be used with anything else. It can have replaceable coils like an AIO or reservoir. It’s an extremely small and portable size along with a flashback towards the aged ego kits in a sense. There is absolutely no changeable atmosphere, not really a problem as it pretty much competes with pods and a lot of those don’t. It provides a typical capability of 2ml (so TPD compliant). The battery is listed at 1000mah and it’s a constant 13w productivity gadget. It functions integrated USB charging however they don’t checklist a charge price regrettably. I analyzed this 2 times having an inline USB meter and also for the charge rate it fees at .89A max so 1A asking would be a great listed price, and it also fees completely in approximately 70-80 a few minutes so not bad at all and pretty standard. Battery power dimension smart I got 920-950mah so good ranking there at 1000mah. Near enough. It does not have passthrough vaping regrettably. The drip suggestion is proprietary and portion of the tank itself and you also unscrew that to fill it up.

The Innokin Jem Pen AIO is very nicely constructed, but light-weight as well. Paint sensible we have the dark which is actually a semi-gloss finish off and does fingerprint a bit. Not really a problem though and it also appearance simple and smooth and oo signs of wearing both. No grievances around the color. The tank portion features like any normal reservoir. You unscrew through the foundation to alter the coil and also the coil itself screws into the battery power area. To fill it uses a normal screw off leading cap and has 2 small fill slots that are sufficient measurements for a fine-tooth jar. The load cap is plastic threaded which I typically do not take care of, however, the threads are quite big and I do not see it being a lot of a problem however i might have greatly desired metallic threading. My principal issue is that it’s hard to grip almost anything to unscrew and I also often discovered myself making use of my the teeth to start out unscrewing it. The tank is safe however, not replaceable with no free comes with it but at the very least it’s not really tinted (very slighted) to help you see the juice degree effortless. It is plastic-type similar to most pods nowadays.

Use is quite easy. It’s a basic 1 button product. You can find no modes or configurations. Usually, the one-button is actually a fireplace switch and you could click it 5 instances to turn the unit on or off. The LED is on the entrance in the fire option. When firing it lights up to let you know the cost. Environmentally friendly means Full to 60%, Yellow-colored means 40-20% and Red indicates 20% or much less. Not bad but I might have liked to find out a 4th element of between eco-friendly and yellowish.

Coil Overall performance and information The Innokin Jem Pen AIO comes along with 2 Coils that is great. All systems must always incorporate 2 coils/pods. You can find 2 coil options that it includes plus they are the identical sort as the Goby reservoir they released just a little over a year ago. The 2 it includes are definitely the 1.6ohm Jem Kal coil as well as the 2ohm Jem Ceramic Coil. I employed all 50/50 and 60/40 nic salt drinks 20-25 mg smoking. I started with the 2-ohm ceramic coil and flavorwise it was just variable. A lot even worse then numerous good pods I’ve experienced. It’s a good MTL attract rather than really loose MTL or restricted MTL. Existence wise it regrettably only lasted me about 4ml of liquid so all round just not a great coil. Then on the 1.6-ohm coil. This has a comparable pull since the 2 ohm one. Flavorwise it’s also just valuable for the most part. I used 3 of these given that they sent me 1 that came in the box, as well as a pack of bonuses and 2, were just capable flavorwise and 1 was just good enough to be considered a low-end tier 2 when compared with pod methods. All 3 coils only lasted between 2-4ml of liquid too. I usually anticipate around 10ml for any good coil like this and all 4 fell way short. Overall the coils with this just aren’t good.

Pros: colour alternatives (6 total) Typical 2 ml capacity Great build quality nice and basic appearance good dimension for convenient transportability fees fast sufficient (under 90 mins) good score on Electric battery Dimensions very easy to substitute coil directed is easy to see quick and easy to make use of comes with 2 coils easy to see liquid degree features a lanyard to wear around neck area if wanted Super cheap cost stage (under 20 money) Downsides: Electric battery meter demands a 4th move Fill up cover not easy to unscrew (too small and slick) plastic threading on load cap No Passthrough Vaping poor flavour for a pod/MTL AIO inadequate coil life

So with all having said that, do I recommend this kit or otherwise not? I don’t want to do a tough yes or no, but this leans to the no pretty easily. In case you are searching for a newbie MTL pen design set, their endura T18 II is a much better option and unfortunately among the couple of which has good coils form them these days. I’d choose the endura over this easily. I won’t be including this to my spreadsheet of recs which can be connected listed below, go ahead and check that out in case you are looking for something.

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