VooPoo Find S Trio Evaluation

As popular as the pod system are today, many people inside the vaping Local community have already been complaining about the lack of modification, and companies are in reality performing something about it. Following the achievements of the SMOK Nord, with its interchangeable coil-heads, suppliers are creating very similar all-in-one vaping gadgets that allow users to exchange various types of coils for various style of vaping. The new VooPoo Find S Trio is one this kind of vaping device. It includes two different kind of coil-heads intended for both primary-lung and oral cavity-to-lung vaping, and also a big built-in electric battery. Let’s check it out:

A Look at the Elements The VooPoo Find S Trio comes in a flimsy cardboard package colored inside the very same two-shade combination since the product inside of – inside my turquoise, black, and situation – and with a lifestyle-dimension photo of the pod method on the front. On the back of the box, we have a list of contents, the mandatory safety cautions as well as a scuff and view genuineness sticker.

In the container, we have now the Find S Trio all-in-one vaporizer, one refillable pod, a mini-USB charging cable television, two diverse coil-heads, an individual handbook, and also the same metal lanyard incorporated with the Drag Nano pod system. Although it only comes along with one particular pod, this package actually consists of two compatible coils, so that’s technically the best thing. Just the other day I was criticizing VooPoo for only such as a single pod using their Drag Nano pod system, so I’m pleased they stepped up their activity with this particular a single.

Style and Build High quality The VooPoo Find Trio steps 122mm x 35.9mm x 17mm and is primarily made from aluminum alloy and plastic. It weighs about just 60 grams which is extremely light-weight even for a device this size. Materials are in fact visibly split, with all the leading fifty percent of the mod made of plastic material, and the reduced one half from plastic-type. The two parts have very different structure as well, with the metal becoming sleek and slippery, as well as the plastic showcasing these tiny grooves to improve your grasp.

The mod itself is fairly simple, with the only worth mentioning being the mini-USB dock on the bottom and the oval-formed fireplace option on one of the huge ends. This can be a manually-triggered product, therefore if the thought of being forced to drive a control button to initialize the battery every time you would like to vape places you away, the Find S Trio might not be to suit your needs. Handbook mods do have their benefits, though, like having the capacity to preheat the coil for a much more fulfilling vape and not possessing to worry about e-water dripping to the battery. It’s dependent on personal desire is exactly what I’m attempting to say.

Anyway, the flame option is nice and clicky, but a little too free, in my view. It works completely, but I don’t like sensation it wobbling each time I look for it with my thumb. In fact, it’s so wobbly that it rattles if I shake the unit. This can be just an issue with all the system I obtained for review, but it’s my work to let you know everything about the devices I examination.

The pod is larger than those of most similar pod systems -they hold up to 3ml of liquid, as opposed to 2ml – and feature a big port on the bottom. That’s where you’re imagined to insert one of many included coil-heads. The pods are made from a tinted plastic material, but they are nevertheless transparent enough that you could easily begin to see the e-water level inside of. The mouthpiece is ergonomically designed and fits comfortably within your oral cavity.

The VooPoo Find S Trio features 2 PnP coil-heads, which I believe is an abbreviation of Plug n’ Enjoy, as all you need to do is plug them into the bottom of the pod and you’re ready to go. You can even perspective although you are driving them to the pod, you don’t need to. Of course, I recommend dropping some fruit juice within the coil-heads and waiting at least five minutes after filling up the pod with liquid, to lower the chance of dried up strikes. When replacing a coil, all that you should do is grab the bottom along with your fingers and just pull it from the pod. It’s all very easy and convenient.

Overall, a relatively basic gadget created to be simple to use. Build quality is good, but I do realize that the pod is a bit unstable when connected to the electric battery system. The highly effective magnets prevent it from coming off the mod, but it is likely to rock from one part for the other as opposed to remaining firmly connected to the three gold-plated connectors around the Find S Trio. It’s not an offer-breaker by any means, and again, it may be a problem with just the device I acquired for evaluation, having said that I imagined I would personally talk about it.

Electric battery Lifestyle and satisfaction One of the biggest advantages of utilizing the VooPoo Find S Trio all-in-one program over standard pod system like a JUUL or perhaps a SMOK Novo will be the exceptional battery lifespan. This thing comes with a built-in 1,200mAh lithium battery power, as the regular pod method just has a capability of about 400mAh. That’s a significant difference, and even though you have to think about the power output of the device, it must still help keep you vaping for a lot for a longer time.

The Find S Trio will take just over one hour to cost, but you can even use it as a passthrough using the incorporated mini-USB cable. To determine how much life of the battery you may have left, just keep close track of the Guided indication across the fireplace option. If this lights up environmentally friendly whenever you push the switch, you have between 60% and 100% battery, light blue signifies 20Percent to 659% and red-colored indicators that life of the battery is under 20Percent and it’s time for you to recharge.

One thing to bear in mind before yanking the induce around the VooPoo Find S Trio is that it is not designed for oral cavity-to-lung vaping. Indeed, it comes with a 1.2Ω ceramic coil-brain that gives a much more restrictive attract than the .8Ω coil-head, but it’s not the tight attract you obtain from your Vladdin RE or perhaps the Renova Zero. I’d refer to it as a limited direct lung hit, to be honest. I could do mouth to lung too, but it’s really not the most fulfilling experience, particularly if you prefer a lot more limited, cig-like draw.

Now, if you’re into direct lung vaping, this little man is actually pretty amazing. Not only does it generate a substantial amount of vapor, especially with the .8Ω coil-mind, however, the flavor is quite excellent also. I was really surprised about that, as the PnP coil-heads use normal coils instead of the mesh-coils we’ve noticed on very similar gadgets like the Smoant Pasito. But the factor that most impressed me regarding the performance of the Find S Trio was the firing velocity.

VooPoo continues to be pushing the Drag and Gene Chip brand names of all of its products, and for good purpose – the first Drag 157W stays just about the most well-liked mods of all time, as well as the firing velocity in the Gene Nick is famous. Continue to after being slightly disappointed in the Drag Nano pod method, I wasn’t wanting a lot of from your Find S Trio, regardless of the mention of it becoming operated by way of a simpler edition from the Gene chip known as “Gene Trio”. Nevertheless, it ends up that in terms of firing velocity is concerned the VooPoo Find S Trio is just as excellent since the Drag.

This thing fires as soon as you drive the power option. I don’t determine if it provides some type of a preheat function built-in, but you can hear the coil begin to sizzle instantly when pressing the switch. It’s actually quite impressive for such a basic device, plus it eliminates the necessity to prime your coil before taking a toot.

Verdict The VooPoo Find S Trio is probably the next evolutionary step on the planet of pod method. It’s a simple enough product that accommodates newbies and intermediate vapers, nevertheless, it provides an additional layer of customization by using different styles of interchangeable coils. Battery life is fantastic as well, but you will find things which could use some enhancement. For instance, I wish VooPoo would implement some sort of energy adjustment options to allow for even more customization, and I’d want to Find them handle appropriate mouth area-to-lung also, instead of catering exclusively to primary lung vapers. Still, I do believe the Find S Trio is actually a step in the best direction.

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Voopoo Alpha One 222W Review

Today, the review will deal with the box mod, which has become a “ugly duckling,” a battery pack from the Chinese company Voopoo – Alpha One 222W.

The company Voopoo vigorously broke into the market with its box-office DRAG, which sold huge quantities on the shelves of the Weipes and collections of users. Chip Gene, on which the device was built, the manufacturer named no less than the killer DNA. And although this can certainly be argued, the fact remains that the device was very successful and almost immediately made the manufacturer famous. “Hot on the trail” after the release of its hit, the Chinese released and the second box on the same chip, but with a “swinging” to 222W power and with a different design. The device has turned out to be ambiguous and many surveyors have been met far less affably than the previous device. In the meantime, the company is preparing to introduce its next development – Voopoo Too, let’s take a look at the “ugly duckling” – Voopoo Alpha One, which the manufacturer had high hopes for, and try to figure out why they did not materialize.

Already the packaging itself prepares us for a retro design, which impregnates the entire box mod. The device arrives in a stylish black-and-red box with foil strips and large α and I, which conceal the name of the Alpha One device itself. At the bottom there is a small inscription Start Next-Gen Vape, exceptional modesty from Voopoo. On the reverse side, the delivery kit is listed, there are warnings on use and age limitation (21+), a bunch of different pictograms and a sticker with a verification code for the authenticity of the products. On the red part there is a small gray circle indicating that inside the silver case, one of two possible options.

Voopoo Alpha One 222w TC Box Mod
Micro USB cable
User manual and warranty card
The set is not rich, there is only a short, short cable and a couple of standard booklets: a warranty card and a detailed instruction with illustrations in English, which can theoretically be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. Theoretically, because the button on the Download page is simply inactive.

Someone reminds Alpha One of an old cassette player, someone a Soviet VCR “Electronics VM-12”, someone the legendary radio receiver “Ocean”. If the boxmod was a work of art, it could easily be attributed to constructivism: “rigor, geometrism, laconism of forms and monolithic appearance.” Appearance of the manufacturer put in the forefront and called it Geometric Minimalist Design, it can be called not only as an “amateur”. Namely, a fan of retro design and simple forms without any soap-like fillets and large color screens. It is immediately evident that this is not a toy, there is not a single rounded or slanted corner in our device, it has exclusively straight shapes. This design for some reason causes the impression of reliability, that among Chinese devices is rare. Can the inscription on the packaging Designed in California have a real ground?

When I wrote about the “angularity” of Voopoo Drag, I did not hold “alpha” in my hands. And it can cause severe injuries to yourself or others, especially if you apply with all your might: impressive weight, very sharp angles and facets, minimal chamfers, which practically do not save. In general, the ergonomics of the device loses even to the old “sigelians” and receives from the five possible points the deserved “minus one hundred”. The color of the cover of the hull is silvery, the lid is gray-brown. The metal cover of the battery compartment has an texture resembling radiator fins, in fact, it serves as a cooling, removing heat when heated. On the lid on one side there is a small insert with the logo of the device α-I, with another white paint the inscription Vape It Your Vape.

In addition to the gray design discussed in this review, there is also Black, completely black. In my opinion, he still loses in the “vintage” silvery Voopoo Alpha One.

VOOPOO Alpha one

Voopoo Alpha One Features

Material: Aluminum alloy
Dimensions: 90mm (height) * 25mm (thickness) * 54mm (width)
Weight: 172g (266g with batteries)
Output power: 5 – 222W
Chip Gene Chip
Support resistance in all modes: 0.05 – 3.0 Ohm
Output voltage: 0 – 7.5V
Maximum current strength: 45A
The claimed efficiency of the payment: 95%
Temperature control: nickel (Ni200) / titanium (Ti) / stainless steel (SS316) / TCR (TCR)
Temperature adjustment: 200 – 600 ° F / 100-315 ° C
Resistance blocking in TC
Cover on magnets
Work from 18650 * 2
Charge current 2A
Steel connector with gold-plated spring-loaded positive pin
Incorrect installation of batteries
Cut-off 10c
High current
Short circuit
Charge Balancing

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Voopoo Too

VOOPOO Alpha one 222W TC Box Mod review

Ouch. That was my key takeaway from the first time I held the Voopoo Alpha One box mod. Not only because of the sharp, angular corners of the device, but also because the overall throwback design made me think of an original Sony Walkman. Which I am old enough to have owned.

One of the above pain points might just be my middle age coming to light. But the other one played a big role in forming my opinion of the Voopoo Alpha One mod. Read on to find out why.
Voopoo Alpha One
It’s funny that the tagline on the Alpha One box claims the contents are a “next gen vape,” because the overall name of the game is retro, baby. From the pinstriped sliding box, to the device’s 1980s VCR aesthetics, everything about the Voopoo Alpha One screams neon and big hair. You can practically hear Motley Crue blaring from the speakers.

Heck, even the little card advertising the Gene chipset uses the term, “Born for fever.” If that isn’t an ‘80s line, I don’t know what is.

Jokes aside, the throwback look certainly makes a strong first impression. The razor sharp edges, large but minimalist fire and control buttons, and ripple-textured battery door don’t look like anything else on the market right now. It’s a box, in every sense of the word, but it’s a stylish one.

The bomb-proof 510 connection is secured by two hex screws, and has stylish, but subtle airflow channels beveled into the metal. The spring-loaded, gold-plated pin accommodated every tank I used on the Alpha One, with nary a gap to be had.

The bottom of the device is spartan, but has a nice cross-shaped vent section to redirect some heat from the rest of the anodized frame.

Picking up the device might change your opinion, however. Even without batteries, the Voopoo Alpha One is a heavy device that leaves an impression of its own – right in the soft spots of your palm.

Maybe my hands are delicate – it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been accused of this – but the Voopoo Alpha One might be the most uncomfortable mod I’ve ever used. Once I put a pair of 18650s in, the Alpha One only dug deeper into my palm, and firing it forced me to position the back end flat against my hand, limiting its portability considerably.

Voopoo Alpha One

Voopoo Alpha One Parameters:
Size: 89.5x 54x 25mm
Powered by dual 18650 batteries (not included)
Max Wattage: 222W
Lowest Resistance: 0.05ohm
Connection Threading: 510

Voopoo Alpha One Features:
-Powered by super US Gene Fun Chip
-Super Fast Fire Speed- 0.023S
-Firmware upgradeable
-Simple yet cool, powerful
-Cool, clean and all-metal box
-Accurate pulsed power output under LOVE mode

Voopoo Alpha One Box mod Package includes:
1x Alpha One Box Mod (no cell)
1x USB Cable
1x Warranty Card
1x User Manual

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